Luxury Tiny House for Sale, Currently in Texas

Small house living is a great way to get the home and to stay within your budget. This luxury tiny house is located in Spring Branch, Texas and it's for sale priced at $85,000. The fully furnished tiny house on wheels has designer appliances as shown in photos. Some of the features in this beautifully crafted tiny house on wheels include a Bertazzoni induction cooktop and speed oven, mini split, vintage style fridge, and free-standing bathtub with a faucet. Other features in this tiny house design include a flush toilet, shiplap, metal roof and reclaimed barn wood accent. The tiny house on wheels is built on a 26-foot trailer and weighs 15,000 Pounds. This tiny house on wheels includes free delivery within 150 miles of the location. This tiny house design has 208 square feet of space with one bathroom and two lofts.

You'll want to take a look inside this luxury tiny house design to see how they make small house living work in this model. The exterior is wood in a lovely shade with two red trim doors and windows. From one door you step inside to the open living area with stairs leading up to one of the lofts and a bathroom to the right. The upstairs loft makes a perfect sleeping area with white walls and a wooden ceiling and windows on either side of the bed. The other door goes into the kitchen area with its white walls, sink in front of a window and red vintage fridge and plenty of kitchen cabinets. The tiny house on wheels would make a great vacation space or could also be used for full time living.

This luxury tiny house on wheels is a well thought out floor plan that will suit the owners day to day needs just perfectly. When looking for a tiny house, there are so many things to consider in the tiny home design. Each personal style and design will be different and unique to the tiny house design you are looking at. When looking for a tiny house, you have to know what your priorities are and the must-have items that you will need in your tiny house design and tiny house floor plan. For some people, they would rather have a large bathroom over a large size kitchen, or some people might need a large kitchen and will sacrifice that space in the living room area. It all depends on your personal preference.

Small house living is changing the way people think about housing. It used to be the size of your house was a sort of status symbol, that many people still feel that is a part of the American dream. But, as times are changing, so are the thoughts on what sort of housing works best for everyone. For many people a tiny house is all about financial freedom as well as keeping their environmental impact low. A tiny house on wheels or tiny house design is on average anywhere from 100 to 400 square feet in total, and some tiny homes can be even smaller than that at 60 or 80 square feet.

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