Lovely Mountain Home For Sale - The Great Room is Incredible

There is so much to love about this stunning log house mountain retreat. This log house is perfect if you are seeking privacy, mountain views and luxury. The beautiful log cabin building is nestled perfectly in the trees, this jewel combining practicality and elegance to create the ultimate mountain haven. This cabin building has an ingenious design by one of Jackson Hole's finest architects and invokes a large feel in an efficient space. Some of the amenities include professional interior design, custom light fixtures, Salmon River Rock fireplace, granite, stone and tile finishes. The luxury log house has a spacious basement with a wine cellar and a large barn/shed which provides on-site storage. There are bedrooms on both levels of home each has their adjoining bath. This log house is highly refined and an exquisite Rocky Mountain retreat with elevated views across the Teton Valley. A quintessential Rocky Mountain log cabin building retreat. This log cabin is located in Idaho and is priced at $422,385.

This cabin building in Victor, Idaho has the ultimate location. A building site with views like this typically is going to cost you more money. If you are going to build a log house yourself, you'll first want to determine your cabin building budget. You'll want to factor in building specifics. One factor that affects the price of your cabin building land is the terrain. While living in a remote mountain location may be desirable to you, steep mountain building lots and a lack of onsite storage during the construction process can make cabin building a bit of a challenging. The same can be said for remote locations where there may not be good road locations or easy access to your building site. Plus, building materials will often need to be transferred to smaller trucks to help make the journey up the mountainside to the building site.

From a design perspective, the roof on your log cabin building may have to be highly reinforced to handle snow loads, so this will cost extra. All of this adds time and costs to your cabin building project. Waterfront properties can also bring up a host of other issues. Waterfront locations often require custom-designed septic systems along with special erosion-control measures. Building near the coast will require special hurricane-proofing measures in addition to flood protection.

The location of the country you pick will always influence your log house budget. The Northeast, the West and Rockies lead the pack in building materials and labor costs. There are still bargains to found in the Southeast and the Midwest. Some locations are still recovering from the housing crash quicker than others, but labor shortages persist in many areas of the country, which impact log house construction schedules and cost. You want to be sure to do your research and shop around. You want to remember that your log house or wood cabin is the place where your dreams will be fulfilled and memories made for years to come with family and friends. With proper planning and research, you can find a location that suits your lifestyle, needs and budget.

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