Exquisite Tiny House for Sale in Texas

The price has just been dropped on this amazing tiny house on wheels located in New Braunfels, Texas. The 399 square foot tiny house design with one bedroom, one bathroom and one loft are an affordable $60,000; you might pay for the tiny house on wheels outright, so you don't have an expensive mortgage. The tiny home measures 11 feet by 36 feet, there's a porch in the front and a darling little Juliette balcony in the rear. The upstairs loft is huge and can be used for storage or additional sleeping. There are granite countertops in the kitchen, a bathroom, and a built-in bedroom dresser. The bathroom has a shower with sliding glass doors. The kitchen has full-size appliances, and the washer/dryer will convey. There is a bedroom downstairs that is 8 feet by 9 feet with nightstands that match the beadboard ceiling and the accent wall. There are also sliding mirrored doors on the bedroom closet. This tiny house on wheels connects to city utilities and is extremely energy efficient with all foam insulation. This tiny home is ready to move to your property.

When it comes to tiny houses on wheels, you will first want to check with your local bylaws to see what is and isn't allowed within your city limits. The local bylaws are typically determined by the city, county and the state zoning regulations and the building codes. You'll also want to know if the location in which you live allows for tiny houses on wheels in the backyard of an already existing home. Often the laws for RVs are similar to tiny houses on wheels, but you will want to do your homework first so that you know the facts.

Maybe you are ready for a big change, or it might be as simple as you want to have a vacation home a place to get away in the or on weekends and relax, a tiny house on wheels is the perfect thing to consider. A tiny house on wheels is great wherever you place it, whether that location is at the lake, a piece of property that you want to spend more time at or your backyard. You don't have to give up all that comfort and style just because you want to downsize your home or try something new, a tiny house on wheels such as this one in Texas has all the comforts of home, with just less space and at a fraction of the price.

Another benefit of tiny house living is that with less space there is a lot less cleaning to do. Imagine cleaning a 399 square foot space compared to a standard sized home that is 1,500 to 2,500 square feet and sometimes even more. Your tiny house cleaning will take you no time at all. With a smaller sized home, there is less maintenance you need to worry about; you will spend less money on repairs too. With less space, you will spend a lot less money on stuff that you don't need.

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