For Sale: Beautiful Vacation Home in the Woods Just For You. Check It Out!

This Mount Hood, four bedroom, 2.5 bath vacation log house is located on five wooded acres at the end of a secluded road in Parkdale, Oregon. The cabin building backs up against some county forest land. The cabin building has a vaulted ceiling with a mezzanine, a wood stove, double wall ovens, an in-deck hot tub, barbecue, all the kitchen appliances, electric baseboard heat throughout, a large front porch, and a 20 foot by 15-foot storage shed. The beautiful cabin building sleeps 11plus. The partners get 17 weeks per year, rotating every third week. There are two working weekends for the cabin building per year. There is great access to all the gorge has to offer to include skiing/snowboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, kayaking, fishing, hiking, wineries, microbreweries, and more. The wood cabin is approximately 15 miles to Mt. Hood Meadows or 15 miles to Hood River. This is a great log cabin that is sure to inspire.

One of the steps when building a cabin building design is determining the type of logs and wood you will use. There are several options of wood available, each with pros and cons. The types of logs you select to build your cabin building are very important. The right selection of logs will not only determine the cost of your log house project but choosing the right sort of timber for your cabin building project will help to ensure a sound log house structure that can withstand the elements. One of the most important components when selecting the trees for your cabin building design is ensuring the trees have fallen in the winter when the sap level of the trees is low. This will help to minimize checking in the logs and the risk of sap stain or mold.

Trees that come from a relatively high altitude are ideal for log houses and wood cabins, as they are slow-growing with tight growth rings. Tight growth rings in trees are what produce dense wood, which generally results in less cracking or checking as the logs dry. You can tell just how tight a tree’s rings are by looking at the end of the log, or a cross-section of a cut log, each circular line or ring in the log depicts one year of growth in the life of the tree.

Pine is just one type of wood used for log house designs and cabin building. Pine is a wood that is not naturally resistant to rot or insects. Pine is a wood that requires kiln drying to kill insects in the wood, and preservative treatments to help prevent future rot and insect damage. Surface treatments for pine logs lose their protective abilities once the logs begin to crack and open up untreated areas. Large cracks in pine logs are common because of the higher moisture content.

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