Live Your Childhood Fantasy at a Dreamy Treehouse Retreat in Asheville

There is something about treehouses that bring out the child in just about any age, and this treehouse vacation idea is just the thing you might need. The dreamy treehouse sits high up off the ground and can accommodate up to 4 guests, with one bedroom, one bed, and a bathroom. You'll want to take in the rustic, fairytale vibe of this custom-made cabin building treehouse in the midst of towering white oaks. Sit back and recline in a rocking chair and watch the sunset over the mountains, or try your hand at some stargazing from the comfort of the deluxe double bed.

With a modern interior design with wood inside and out, you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. The treehouse has a living room with a television complete with Netflix. The bedroom has a comfy double bed with lots of pillows and easy access via the stairs. The tiny kitchen overlooks the view from above and has everything you need for making lite meals with a coffee maker, kitchen sink, plenty of kitchen cabinets and counter space, and a good-sized refrigerator. The treehouse has a bathroom finished in reclaimed wood with a sink, toilet, and shower. Three outdoor patios offer up the perfect surrounding views, in a treehouse design that is sure to inspire.

This treehouse vacation rental is the ultimate vacation idea for kids and adults alike. The treehouse is located in Asheville, North Carolina, and is a design that you don't see every day. This treehouse is a stunning structure that has trees growing closely around the cabin building and is something different from what everyone else has. You'll find some treehouses that are connected to the ground house by a stairway or bridge from a deck. But even if it’s only a short walk down a wooded path, treehouse cabin building can extend the use of the home. Some people use treehouses as guest rooms, bed, and breakfasts, or places for the kids to stay. Well built treehouse designs can have all of the modern comforts of home and some tree houses are even built as permanent home designs that can be lived in all year long. Treehouse designs just keep getting better and better, especially with more and more treehouse designers becoming available.

You don’t have to look far into kids' culture to find unique treehouses. You'll find treehouses in backyards all over the world, and you'll also find treehouses depicted in plenty of stories and movies throughout the years. Some of the most famous treehouses are homes for Ewoks and Elves which take you into the world of fiction. Most treehouses are kids treehouses, and many parents build treehouses to get the kids outside into the fresh air rather than being in front of the television or computer. Active play is good for kids of any age, and today you will find many treehouses with all sorts of climbing features, zip lines, swings, and places to play and to hide, making them perfect for active play.

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