Majestic and Romantic Bed in Tree of France

This treehouse set high up in the trees is one of the most unique vacation rentals you will see. The unique treehouse vacation rental is located in Morlhon le Haut and can accommodate up to 2 guests, with one bedroom, one bed, and a half bathroom. During your stay, you will get the entire treehouse to yourself. The treehouse is called the Lotus Bed and is a double bed hidden in a majestic oak tree at 16. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV4 feet up from the ground. The unique and beautiful treehouse has a curved wooden protection bubble and transparent tarpaulin, that will give you a comfortable and inspiring sleep.

The treehouse is set in a naturally romantic setting, with perfect views of the stars on clear nights. The treehouse is a unique room that was designed and built in the owner's workshop for honeymoon purposes. In the treehouse next to the mattress, there are storage shelves and cases for wood. Next to the oak tree, there is a kitchen corner which can be used for breakfast. The treehouse lodging itself is located at the edge of the woods. During your stay you will be surrounded by flowers, trees, and bamboo, there are a solar shower and privy at your disposal. You'll have access to the lavatory which is also available if necessary. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION The treehouse accommodation is located about 6 miles from Villefranche de Rouergue, about 20 minutes from Najac, and 40 minutes from Rodez (Soulages Museum).

There is something about staying in a treehouse vacation home that feels adventurous and new. Treehouses are a reminder of childhood when treehouses were usually used for playhouses, a fun place to make-believe and hang out with friends and siblings. These days you are seeing more and more treehouses used as guest houses, vacation homes, and even used for full time living. Larger sized treehouses have a completely different function and appearance than the treehouses that are used as playhouses. Some treehouses are connected to the main house by either a stairway or bridge from a deck. But even if it’s just a short walk down a path, treehouse home designs can extend the use and the area of the main house. Treehouses can be used as guest rooms, bed and breakfast suites, and extra room for the kids. A well-built treehouse design can have all of the modern comforts of a standard-sized house and some treehouse designs are even built to be used as permanent homes.

Treehouses are usually associated with being playhouses for kids. A popular time of year to build treehouses for kids is usually at the beginning of summer, the perfect time to coincide with the warmer summer weather. Treehouses often provide a separate space away from the main house where the kids can hang out and have space all their own. Kids like to imagine that their treehouse is a smaller version of the main house, and many kids treehouses have kid-sized furniture. You don’t have to look far into kids' culture to find treehouses in book characters and cartoons, such as the treehouses for elves, fairies, forest animals and more.

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