Check Out This Warm and Well Design Treehouse in Norway

Feel like a kid again in this the River's Eye treehouse vacation rental. The unique treehouse design will change the way you think about treehouses which used to be just for kids. The amazing treehouse design is located in Tinn, Telemark, Norway. The vacation rental in the treetops can accommodate up to 9 guests, with 3 beds, and one bathroom, with the entire treehouse to yourself during your stay. A treehouse that can accommodate up to 9 guests is unheard of, and a great place to enjoy with family and friends.

This is a wonderful experience in the trees, a place where you can look out into the surrounding nature from a warm and well design treehouse cabin building. The vacation rental is located six meters above the Tessungdae river that runs down from the plateau of Norway, Hardangervidda. This is a unique holiday adventure that focuses on the simple pleasures of being in nature, combined with modern architectural design.

Inside the treehouse vacation rental, there are two sleeping alcoves, a sleeping loft, a wet room where you can wash, and a fully functioning kitchen with a gas stove. This treehouse cabin building is similar to a traditional mountain cabin, with its slow pace, wood throughout, and forest location. You can light some candles in the evening, get your water from the nearby well or river, disconnect and recharge. The treehouse has a separate bio-toilet that is just a short walk away. In the cabin building, there is no electricity or wifi, but there is a solar phone charger that is available, and in the summer you can walk to the camp which is only about 50 meters upriver to find wifi and power outlets. The entire treehouse cabin building and surrounding area are available for you during your stay. It is also possible to rent the whole location, which is called A Camp, perfect for gatherings and parties.

Surrounding the treehouse design is nature all around with an old pine and spruce forest, a variety of animal life and plenty of river trout in the stream. Depending on the season you visit, you can fish or forage for wild berries and mushrooms. Regardless of the time of year you visit, you will give wonderful views from the front window of the cabin building. There are everal hikes and cross-country skiing opportunities just around the treehouse cabin. You can also drive just a bit up the valley as it is easy to access Hardangervidda, which is one of northern Europe's largest national parks and plateaus. There you will find stunning landscapes and scenic lakes, with plenty of opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities to include skiing, biking, and fishing.

You can also travel to the World Heritage Listed Rjukan, an area with hiking and an intriguing war history. This located is situated in a deep valley, with beautiful architectural designs that are cast in shadow by the surrounding mountains, even in the middle of the day, for about 6 months out of the year. The architectural buildings have giant mirrors that were installed to reflect the sunlight down into the town, which is a beautiful sight.

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