Live Closer to Nature in an Ark Shelter

These days people are looking for more practical housing solutions than ever before. Something that's affordable and easy to set up, and of course that looks stylish and modern. Ark Shelter takes shipping containers that have been used and would otherwise be turned into scrap metal and makes them into stylish homes like this one you see here. These prefab cabins can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. They're portable and include off-grid features like rainwater catchment, and wood stoves, plus they're designed to last a lifetime. They promote these shipping container units to be places where you can go and unplug from busy city life and enjoy some time in nature. Since these units have zero impact it means that they allow the surrounding environment to remain untouched which is great for the environment too. The homes also feature a slick minimalist design that seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings making it beautiful in appearance too. The shipping container homes are meant to be used for camping or vacation homes. They could also be made into full-time residences too though with the right components. The container units are sustainable since they use recycled materials and they are also finished by experienced craftsmen with wood to make them even sturdier and durable.

The outside of the home is very minimal with black exterior walls and large windows on all sides of the building. It's nice they used such large windows because they really create that flow from inside to outside and the other way around. The windows also allow for panoramic views which continues the theme of these container homes being connected to nature. On the top of this container home there is also a pop-up skylight built in to make the ceilings feel even higher expanding the interior space once again. There's room for a small round coffee table and two chairs but a sofa could also fit in the living room area too. The bedroom area features a floor space for the bed and closet space on either side which ensures there will be enough room for everything. There's also another large window in the bedroom which would be great to look out of as you're waking up. Each of the container homes are able to be customized and they work with each of their clients to bring them the perfect container home design. It's actually pretty incredible how many different ways a rectangular space can be arranged to suit different needs.

In the shipping container design world, people are also stacking shipping containers on top of each other to create multiple stories in their home. A great idea for those who need or want more space. While many people are using these shipping containers to make homes or cabins, they also make for great home office or studio buildings too. Just add in some insulation, windows and interior walls and you have the basic components of a home. There are also people who want to put in the work themselves and create their own shipping container home so there are even some tutorials on how to do that yourself. Of course, the DIY projects probably won't turn out to be as stylish as the shipping container cabin you see here, but it would still provide an affordable way to build a structure. This would be a great idea for those who have just purchased a piece of land and then build another larger home on the property. The smaller shipping container home would then make for a great rental unit or a home studio or a home office.

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