Spend A Night In an Inspiring Shipping Container Cabin

Do you want to know what those shipping container homes are really all about? You can get up close and personal with the new housing design trend by staying in a shipping container cabin in the Catskills in New York state close to NYC. The owners call their retreat listed on Airbnb the "camping cabin" and currently they rent it out for around $260 US per night before fees. The container home features a wood stove and a sofa bed, as well as a kitchenette, desk and even a record player to enjoy some tunes. Outside there is a great patio with a fire pit, a hammock and even a hot tub. Not to mention a yoga platform as well as a 30-foot waterfall. Sounds incredible right? It gets even better because pets are welcome, so you can bring your furry family members along. The other cool thing about this property is that it's off the grid. So it has solar power, gravity-feed water and a composting toilet. The container home is on 20 acres, so it's nice an private but it's also close to Highway 87, and only 2 hours away from NYC. So you can have a little bit of seclusion and some fun in the city as well.

The shipping container cabin looks really cool from the outside, painted black with not just one, but two sets of sliding glass doors to enter into the space. These doors open up the small space tremendously and connect it with the outdoor patio. The container cabin includes high-efficiency insulated walls with Low-Energy windows, so the space stays nice and warm in cooler weather. For sleeping, there is a comfortable sleeper sofa. There's a two burner propane stove for cooking or heating water for tea and coffee, but there is no fridge. However, there is a cooler for you to load up with your own ice. You can also grill on the fire pit in the summertime as well which is fun and makes it kind of like camping. The hot tub is even wood-fired and uses stream water from the nearby stream in a galvanized tub. So it's going to take about 2 hours to get it warm, make sure you plan ahead. The bathroom not in the shipping container home, but in a separate building that's 40 feet away. There's an open shower stall with a solar shower bag that guests fill with hot water and hang up to use. The Nature's Head composting toilet is also in the bathroom building too.

Inside, the container cabin looks and feels so warm and inviting with natural wood panelling covering the walls, ceiling and floor making it feel like a true wood cabin in the woods. Everything you need is in one room, so it makes for a very comfortable stay. They also leave plenty of books in there to read or look at during your stay. Many of the books are on country living or living simply which is fun to explore. The cabin was built by Contanium, a shipping home builder in Brooklyn, New York that is deeply dedicated to sustainability. The company started out by upcycling containers for galleries and pop up shops. Then, they built this Container Cabin which was their first home or cabin design ever. The couple who owns the Container Cabin was already friends with the owners of the company, so it all worked out perfectly. Now, the company builds and sells recreational cabins using shipping containers for those who want them. Shipping containers also provide a great base for many full-time homes, and we're starting to see these homes more often.

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