Want to Try Out Mobile Living? Vanlife Customs Can Help You Out

Take a peek into the world of Vanlife at it's finest with Vanlife Customs. If you haven't heard of Vanlife before, essentially this is a lifestyle that involves using a van as your primary dwelling. It may sound strange to some, but to others, it's a great way to save money and to travel and see the world. With rent costs being so high these days, people are looking for ways to save some money so they can pay off debts or buy a home. Living in a van is one of those options that has been trendy as of late, and it's even gotten its own name - Vanlife. The van itself is usually a Sprinter type of van that is stripped of the interior to then be outfitted with all of the finishes of a camper or a tiny home. The seats come out and in goes a bed, a kitchenette and sometimes even more depending on how large the van is. Depending on the person's budget, this can be done fairly affordably with recycled or upcycled materials, or, it can be done in a more refined way with higher end finishes and accessories. That's what Vanlife Customs does a very good job of for people who want to live in a van comfortably. The company was started in a backyard in Denver when Dave a former Marine decided to try out Vanlife for himself. He toured around in his own van home called "Betty White" and then in Colorado he started to build custom van interiors until he eventually started up Vanlife Customs.

Ever since the company has enjoyed building and creating vans that will be suitable for long term and even shorter term use. They make them super comfortable and stylish making them appealing to all. Their business grew through word of mouth, and they are still building in Denver, Colorado. They have two military veterans, an aerospace technician, an architect, extraordinaire, a mechanical engineer, and other folks who have car knowledge and Vanlife experience. With an email, clients can share their Vanlife ideas with the crew, and they will work their magic to create a custom van design for each person. Each vehicle assembly technician is responsible for the construction, finishing, quality assurance, and function tests of equipment on each of their van projects. From start to finish, each project is carefully crafted with the customer in mind, and the result is beautiful, functional van homes. The van comes in as is with all of the seats and carpeting in it, and then it's completely gutted of all materials to reveal the bare bones and metal. Then, they are outfitted with all of the electrical panels and lights and covered with brand new vehicle carpeting and steel on the floor.

A metal bed frame is placed above storage where a thin mattress is then placed. The van project you see here is the Maroon Bells 170" Mercedes Sprinter 4x4. The company installed lighting, a little kitchen area and an elevated bed with tons of storage throughout the van. It's a family friendly van with a warm wood cabin feel thanks to the Colorado beetle kill pine wood used in the cabinetry and the panelling. They also installed an attractive zebra wood countertop as well. The finished van also includes another bench seat from the van reinstalled and rigged up to fold down to be another bed when the van is parked. That makes this van great for family camping trips and provides more safe seatbelted seating while the van is driving down the road. Could you live in a van like this one? Or would you just stick to using it for a vacation camper?

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