Sweet Tiny House Vacation

If you are looking for a unique holiday stay or are wanting to get away for a couple of days, this tiny house in Roberts Creek, British Columbia might just be the thing. The charming tiny home located on the sunshine coast is a good way to experience a small house living. The tiny house design is nestled amongst some trees in the perfect little setting. Tiny as the small home is called close to the ferry, Gibsons, public transport and the beach. If you have been thinking about living in a tiny home or you want a unique holiday idea, this is a great idea. This is a great idea for business travellers, families, solo adventurers and good for couples.

This tiny house design when it's not being used for vacationers is used primarily for massage therapy. The tiny house has a whole separate room which is unusual for such a tiny house design. This room gives you the option to choose between sleeping up in the loft or on the same floor as the bathroom. Also, if you have children or an extra friend that will be staying in the tiny house, there is a room that is available. While staying in the tiny house, you have access to the area that is in front of the tiny house. There are also two available parking spots. The owners live on the property, so they are available should you need them. They provide a few products such as shampoo, conditioner and foaming hand soap which are all chemical free. The tiny house drains straight into the earth, so it is a chemical free zone.

The Tiny is a great place to get some small house living for a place of your own. The location of this tiny house design is just as good with Roberts Creek being located on the Sunshine Coast which is a beautiful spot on the coast of British Columbia. The tiny house is on Lower Road in Roberts Creek which is only one block from the ocean. It's only about a five-minute walk from the tiny house, and you are at the local beach that is rarely busy. And if you have a car, you can get around is quick and easy. If you are using Public Transportation, then the tiny house is close to a bus stop.

The tiny house design has a huge outdoor patio which extends the tiny space outdoors and is the perfect place to sit back and relax. The tiny house is available for CAD 89 a night and might just be a destination you stay at more than once. The Tiny house is beautifully finished and will give you plenty of ideas to use in your own house. Small house living is more popular than ever and its no wonder with so many designs to choose. A tiny house design is a perfect way to get the extra space that you need, whether you need some extra space for a backyard office, an artist studio, vacation home, guest house or writers studio.

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