Little Lovely Cabin in Isla Negra, Chile

The Cabana Bosque Isla Negra is a modern cabin building located in Isla Negra, Chile. The cozy cabana can accommodate up to 4 guests with 2 bedrooms, 4 beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire cabin building to yourself. The cabin building is in the middle of a forest, just steps from the ecological reserve, in a very quiet condominium. This vacation idea is a great way to connect with nature and observe the stars at night. The cozy cabin is just 2.3 kilometers away from the Pablo Neruda House and the beach. The cabana has two rooms, one with a double-sized bed and the other with a trundle bed and in the living room, there is a sofa bed. The cabin building has parking.

You'll want to take a closer look inside this cozy cabin building as you'll surely be surprised. From the exterior, the wood cabin looks modern clad in black painted wood with wood trim, and a large patio with comfy seating. The cabin is surrounded by nature which makes for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Once inside the wood cabin doesn't disappoint with modern decor with white walls and ceiling and a light wood floor. The furnishings are comfy with plenty of seating and a modern tiny kitchen with a fridge, stove, kettle and microwave to prepare for a meal during your stay. You'll love the bar seating, perfect for enjoying your meals throughout your stay or to use when you are on your laptop. The bedroom is beautifully finished with a big comfy bed, complete with duvet, blanket and pillows and a large window to let in plenty of natural light.

The cabin building is located in a very old forest, with just a few houses around, no noise, and little light, perfect for anyone who is looking to spend a few days of relaxation disconnected from everything. In the condominium, there are several trails, perfect for jogging or biking through them. There is also a terrace that has a barbecue grill to make roasts. The cabin building has limited resources, with the use of water you must be very conscious. The small cottage plan is in a very quiet condominium, from the beach, it is just a 40-minute walk. The walk is very nice, you can also go by car, as it is just 2.3 kilometers from the beach.

The condo has good connectivity. The cabin building is near the new coastal road, which allows you to connect with San Antonio, Algarrobo, and Santiago without having to go down to the main road, which is usually quite congested on holidays and especially in the summer. It is recommended that you have a car to move since the wood cabin is located in the forest at 2.3 kilometers away from the town of Isla Negra and the House of Pablo Neruda.

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