Check Out This Fantastic Log Cabin in Quebec, Canada

The Chalet Leon Provancher is a cozy cabin building located in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec, Canada. The waterside log cabin building can accommodate up to 8 guests with one bedroom, 6 beds, and a half bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire log cabin to yourself. The rustic log cabin building is located in the Natural and Historic Park of Ile aux Basques, situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River opposite Trois-Pistoles. The rustic log cabin has its access quay and a small beach. The cabin building is isolated from the only two other cabin chalets on the island. There are a large dining-living room, a fireplace, and a wood stove. The wood cabin has a large outdoor terrace, nearby Basque stoves and all of the Wild Island to enjoy. The cost of transportation by boat to the wood cabin is not included in the rental price of the chalet.

The interior of the cabin chalet is warm with its large dining-living room, stone fireplace, and wood stove. The exterior of the wood cabin is extraordinary with a large terrace, the nearby Basque ovens and Wild Island to discover on foot. Guests to the wood cabin have exclusive access to the cabin building during their stay. The only other people who are present on Ile aux Basques are the guests who occupy the two other cabin chalets as well as a few small groups supervised during daily guided tours in summer. The wood cabin has a hygienic plastic covered mattress, with a pillow and pillowcase provided for each bed. You must bring along your sleeping bags or sets of sheets and blankets. Drinking water, the tap water in the wood cabin is not potable unless it is boiled. However, the island warden will provide you with sufficient drinking water during your stay.

The cabin chalet is supplied by an aqueduct that is connected to a surface well. In the summer, the amount of water is sometimes limited. At the Leon-Provancher cabin chalet, when the tank adjacent to the chalet is empty, you must go fill the reservoir by operating an arm pump that is located a hundred meters behind the chalet. The wood cabin has no water heaters or showers. You'll want to bring along wipes. The chalets have indoor toilets with running water and there are ecological toilets outside. The indoor toilets are connected to tanks supplied by rainwater and therefore there are limited quantities. So that means you should use the indoor toilets as little as possible and rather favor the outdoor toilet, at least during the daytime hours.

The outdoor toilets are dry, and you can sprinkle with sawdust after each use. Toilet paper is provided during your stay. All of the cabin chalets have propane lighting. You'll want to note that the lamp sleeves break easily, so you will want to know the correct method to light them which is to light a match, open the propane valve, then approach the match from above without the flame touching the sleeve. It's as easy as that. The good news is that a demonstration will be given to you upon arrival at the chalet.

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