Traditional Handcrafted Log Cabin in New Zealand

The Tree Hut is a handcrafted log cabin building located in Te Ore Ore, Wellington, New Zealand. The stunning log cabin retreat can accommodate up to 4 guests with one bedroom, 2 beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire log cabin building to yourself. The Tree Hut log cabin building is a traditional handcrafted Canadian style wood cabin. During your vacation stay, you can relax on the deck with breakfast in the morning sun, or hang out in the evening while you watch the sun go down over the Tararua Mountains and the Wairarapa Valley. The cozy log cabin retreat has plenty of LPs, books, log fire, television, DVD player, an outside play area for small children and bikes.

The log cabin retreat is a short drive away to Masterton and just down the road from Gladstone, which offers some of the region's best wineries and eating places. The Tree Hut cabin building has an open interior that offers a king-sized bed on the mezzanine floor with scenic views as you wake up in the morning. Downstairs there is a kitchen, dining, living area, a shower, a sofa bed, and a camp bed. There is also a porta cot and high chair that are available upon request.

Log cabin buildings are more popular today than they have ever been before. Wood cabins have been around for hundreds of years, and there is an interesting background behind these beautiful and durable homes. Log cabin buildings have been around for almost 5000 years. In the past log houses were built for protection from the elements, today, and you will find log houses in more luxurious and contemporary log house designs. Log house designs have an interesting history that started a very long time ago. It is believed that the first log houses were built more than 5000 years ago in Northern Europe. Log houses were later brought to America and have been a part of American architectural design ever since. The Swedes and the other Scandinavian people were the first to introduce log houses to America.

Some might argue that log houses also came from Germany, while others will say that wood cabins came from British settlers. Regardless of where log houses got their origins, these strong and aesthetically pleasing dwellings served many purposes from shelter from the elements to homes where people lived. Settlers in different parts of America, from New York, Kentucky, to Tennessee learned all about building log houses. It was in these locations that there were dense forests that made them perfect for log house building and log homes to the backwoodsman. In the early stages of American log houses, you would find a wood cabin as a stack of tree trunks that were put on top of one another with interlocking notches.

Other log houses were put together by nailing the edges. Log houses had sturdy foundations where the walls of the stacked logs were placed. These simple foundations helped to keep the logs in the wood cabins from the wet soil and served as storage or as basements that were later constructed. There were also log houses that had earth floors that did not require any foundation.

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