How Would You Like a Tiny House Like This?

You will fall in love with the Cedar Mountain tiny house on wheels. There are so many things to like about this beautiful tiny house design. Some of the features of this tiny house on wheels include a standing seam metal roof with dormers. Cedar shiplap exterior siding, solid walnut hardwood floor that is hand-hewn, tongue and groove wood walls and ceiling and a custom closet. Inside there is a sleeping loft with room enough for a queen sized bed with a hidden storage nook and storage loft. The lovely kitchen has custom cabinetry with hidden locks, stainless steel countertops, with stainless steel drop-in sink, a two-burner induction cooktop and a small fridge and freezer. Inside the bathroom are a tankless water heater, composting toilet, and a custom stainless steel shower/wet bath with cedar floor. There is a guest room/office space in this tiny house on wheels that can be used for an office, study or dining room with a custom fold-out bed and bench storage that folds down. The price for this tiny house on wheels is $69,900.

Before you consider a tiny house on wheels purchase you want to be sure and do your research, so you know all you need to know about the tiny house design that you are choosing. Tiny cabins on wheels are a great option if you want to have a home that you can take along with you. Tiny houses on wheels are also good you want to move the house around on your property so you can take advantage of passive heating and cooling that depends on the season. There are four different types of trailers that you can build a tiny house on. A tiny house on wheels is often considered a recreation vehicle (RV), but they aren't built the same as an RV, with most tiny houses on wheels offering more quality building materials and designs that are suitable for all season living. You also want to know the weight of the tiny house on wheels before you tow it to the location you want. You need to make sure the v-class hitch is right for the weight you will be pulling.

If living in a tiny house design on wheels is something that you are thinking about, you will want to do your tiny house research beforehand. You will need to know where you can park and live in your tiny house design on wheels. Depending on where you live there will be specific zoning laws with regards to tiny home designs. Zoning laws may differ from one municipality to the next, and can even differ from one part of the city to another area. You always want to know the exact laws before you build your tiny house design. You want to be prepared to either move where you can have a tiny house on wheels or consider lobbying the government to make changes.

You want to know things like if you can legally park on the property you are considering, and whether or not you can live with your tiny home design full time throughout the four seasons. You want to know the local zoning laws and whether they permit accessory dwelling like a tiny house on a trailer, and if so what the minimum requirements for square footage are. The Cedar Mountain is just one of the tiny houses on wheels you will find on the New Frontier Tiny Homes site. This company specializes in designing and building beautiful custom tiny homes for a variety of uses from permanent residences, vacation home, office space, guesthouses, and supplemental income through long-term lease or Airbnb. This tiny house company has over 40 years of building and designing experience.

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