A Tiny House With an Inspiring Interior and Sauna

You'll want to take a closer look inside this amazing tiny house building with a sauna near La Conner, Washington. These days small house living is more popular than ever and its no surprise with so many tiny house designs available. But it's not too often that you hear about a tiny house building with a sauna, and this one is beautifully crafted for a tiny house design you will love. The tiny house building is quite luxurious and spacious. The tiny vacation home is 8.5 feet wide by 20 feet long which is a good size for a comfortable stay.

The tiny house on wheels is built by master builder Rusty Galbreath’s, and it feels a lot larger than the 239 square feet size. When you step inside you will find a cathedral ceiling; a settee tucked into a window well that sits beneath a peaked roof that pulls in extra light because of two triangular windows that fit into the upper reaches. Almost every surface in this tiny house design fine wood from the ceilings, floors, walls, and kitchen counters. There is a 176 square feet on the main floor, and an upstairs loft with 64 square feet. With a tiny house design its important to make use of every bit of space, and this tiny house building does just that. There is a microwave and fridge niche, and storage underneath the stairs. Windows on both sides of the tiny house design let light and air flow throughout. At the top of the stairs is enough room for the bedroom loft, with a space bracketed by a pair of skylights along the peaked alcove, and more windows on either side. There is also a tiny window behind the head of the bed to maximize the view.

Downstairs in this tiny house design and at the back may be one of the most luxurious tiny house design features yet, with a two-person sauna. Outside, the wood continues and is capped with a metal roof just like so many northwest home designs. This tiny house design could be used as the perfect little vacation home, or if you've been dreaming about a tiny house for full time living that would work too. There is so much to love about this beautifully crafted tiny house design, and the owners have made it their own every step of the way.

There are plenty of benefits to a tiny house on wheels, with freedom being at the top of the list. A tiny house on wheels is a great choice if you think you might move in the future, and excellent if you want to travel too. You do have to remember, however, that with a tiny house on wheels you will need the right sized truck to haul your tiny house design. You'll need a truck with enough horsepower to pull the weight of the tiny house building behind it. This is why tiny houses are built upon a proper trailer as a foundation. The tiny house trailer has a hitch that can be hooked up to a truck to be then towed. This is why the small house movement is so perfect for people who like to move around and embrace living in other places. Another benefit of a tiny house on wheels is that you can move it around your property to take advantage of passive solar energy. Small house living is revolutionizing the way that people see home ownership. Once where there was only the option to rent a home, there is now the option to own your own home. Some tiny house design owners might live in their tiny house building for a few years while they are saving money to build a larger home, or for some people, they will have downsized from a larger home design into a tiny home as a way to simplify their lives.

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