Mountaineer Tiny Home with an Incredible Rooftop Deck and Lots of Storage

This 204 square foot Mountaineer with rooftop deck, is what tiny house designs are all about. There is so much to love about this tiny house design, from the tiny house interior design to the amazing exterior of the home. Because this tiny house is on wheels, it gives you the freedom to live on properties developed for RV and mobile homes. That makes this design free to move around with more options. This 204 square foot tiny house design on wheels is owned by Luke and Tina. The solar-powered home has a great rooftop balcony that is accessible from the sleeping loft. When you step inside this tiny house interior design, you’ll find a living area, with two lofts one for sleeping and one for sitting, a bathroom, kitchen, and plenty of storage and cabinets throughout. This off-grid tiny house design also features a rainwater harvesting system and a composting toilet.

There are plenty of great details in this tiny house design with the owners a husband and wife, designing this tiny house on their own. It did help that the couple are both engineers, so they made the tiny house plans and hired a contractor to build it. The tiny house design can function completely off-grid because it has solar, composting toilet, rainwater harvesting, and propane. The couple live on a 40-acre farm in the foothills of Mt. Hood. The tiny house design features hide-away space savers like the dining room table, chairs, a coffee table, doors, a drying rack, and storage that can not be seen.

There’s also a walkable and waterproof roof deck that has access through a small hobbit door from the bedroom loft. The roof patio is a great example of how you can make more space in this tiny house design. The tiny house design also features live edge redwood slabs and 12-foot redwood panels all around. This tiny home design has a mountaineering, rustic look, and fee. Inside you will find a cabinet that holds all of their outdoor gear perfectly. This tiny house design combines everything you need to live comfortably in a compact design that stores and holds everything in a well designed and appealing way.

If living in a tiny house design on wheels is something that you are thinking about, you will want to do your tiny house research beforehand. You will need to know where you can park and live in your tiny house design on wheels. Depending on where you live there will be specific zoning laws with regards to tiny home designs. Zoning laws may differ from one municipality to the next, and can even differ from one part of the city to another area. You always want to know the exact laws before you build your tiny house design.

You want to be prepared to either move where you can have a tiny house on wheels or consider lobbying the government to make changes. You want to know things like if you can legally park on the property you are considering, and whether or not you can live with your tiny home design full time throughout the four seasons. You want to know the local zoning laws and whether they permit accessory dwelling like a tiny house on a trailer, and if so what the minimum requirements for square footage are.

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