Featured Log Builder: Valmer Puit

When you want high-quality log homes and cabins, going with a skilled log home builder is your best bet. The log builder people choose for their home or cabin project can make a big difference which is why it's essential to do the proper research and find the best builder for you. There are so many log builders all around the world; some of them export their products, while others only service the areas closest to them. It's nice to find a log builder in your area to make the project more efficient. Valmer Puit is a log builder located in Estonia in Northern Europe, which is one of the most successful log and wood home exporters in Europe. So if you're in that area, you may want to consider this log builder to build your log home or cabin. This log builder also builds homes in Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. They may even export their log structures to other places too, so if you're really interested in their designs and style, it would be worth looking into. All of their log homes are handmade using pre-dried logs in a protected and sheltered area.

This ensures that the building process goes smoothly since there is no interference with the weather and will result in higher quality log houses. The log builder uses mainly dried pine or spruce to build their homes, two types of wood that have been used for log home building for centuries. The handcrafted log cabins and homes from this log builder will feature logs that are unique since the logs are processed separately. So each home has a different look and character. The company has built around 250 houses, cabins, saunas and more from 300 square feet up to 3,100 square feet, so they have some excellent experience in the field. Their goal is to create high-quality buildings with the best customer satisfaction. So, for this reason, they don't offer mass production of their log houses and cabins. They do offer standard designs which can be easily modified to create a suitable plan for each customer, or, they can build something completely from their designs, or they can create a completely custom home design. After customers discuss their log cabin or home dreams with Valmer Puit, they will draft up the initial plans, offer the estimated price calculation of the house and help the customer to choose the best building design. Once the design is chosen, a contract will be created, and the creation of the log home can begin.

All of this is done in their warehouse under supervision, in a controlled environment, so it won't take nearly as long as log home builders that come out to your property and build everything on site. Once all of the pieces for the log home are created, they transport them to your land and then the house is mounted onto a foundation and a roof is constructed on top. Then, the interior work is completed to the degree that the customer wants it finished too. So customers can have a shell that they finished themselves or a completed home that they can move right into. Valmer Puit also offers something they call Element Houses which are prefab homes. These are not constructed out of logs though, but they provide a practical building solution for those who want an energy efficient and high-quality home in a short period of time. The homes are built in their factory, just as the log homes are, using wood instead of full logs. These homes only take a few weeks to create and then another 1 to 2 weeks to install it on the property.

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