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Handcrafted log house construction creates impressive log homes that are rich, warm and inviting. A log house will last for hundreds of years if built properly, and a log home is more than just a log house, it's a place where you and your family will gather for generations. Each log house package from North American Log Crafters is handcrafted using 15-inch mid-span diameter hand-peeled full-length Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar logs that use the Scandinavian full scribe method to guarantee a long-lasting, tight log fit. A log house package has all of the log components in a log home, skillfully crafted to form the log shell and structure of a log house. North American Log Crafters provide the hand-crafted log portion of your new log home.

The traditional craft of log house construction creates a home that is built like a fortress. The contour of each log is traced onto the log below and then carved to fit the log exactly, giving you the superb connections that mark a premium, energy efficient log home design. Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar are the most popular choices for log houses today. With Douglas Fir being prized for its durability and strength under heavy snow loads, and Western Red Cedar required in certain countries and preferred in some climates around the world.

North American Log Crafters provides the premium quality handcrafted log work for your log home. They have everything from summer cabins to hunting lodges, ski chalets to mountain retreats, with luxury log packages to build a lasting log home with timeless style, strength and natural beauty. Their log house package price includes a log shell that is hand-crafted from individually selected hand-peeled, full-length logs of premium quality Douglas Fir, 15-inch mid-span diameter with a log house package in Western Red Cedar that is about 15percent more. Handcrafted full-scribe log construction, log roof support system and log floor beams for loft with 10 percent larger than wall logs, openings cut and prepared for windows and doors. The logs prepared for installation of any interior framed walls, bottom log rounds drilled for electrical wiring, and log ends trimmed as you like. Some of the things not included in the North American Log Crafters log house package are the excavation and foundation, the selection and hiring of trades such as the roofing crew, electricians, masons, plumbers, and carpenters, the selection, purchase and installation of the roofing, windows, doors, flooring, cabinetry, and appliances.

North American Log Crafters prefer to use Douglas Fir and Western Red cedar because of their physical characteristics which make both ideal for log house construction. The choice of log species is up to you, although each type of wood has unique advantages. Douglas Fir offers superior roof strength under heavy snow loads, and Western Red Cedar logs is an international requirement in areas such as Australia or Europe. They are located in the interior of Southern British Columbia where Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar grow abundantly. This mountainous region in British Columbia, is popular for both its hot summers and its moderate winters, allowing them to build log homes all year long.

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