Featured Log Builder: Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

When it comes to log home construction and log builders, cedar is the best type of wood to use in the log home building process. That's why Katahdin Cedar Log Homes builds their homes using only Northern White Cedarwood. The log builder is located in Northern Maine where Northern White Cedar trees grow naturally, so they have access to some of the best cedarwood in the country to build their log homes with. These log builders will use only wood that comes from sustainably farmed tree plantations, and they make sure to use every part of the tree in the process, using the best parts for their logs to build the homes. Because they live so close to the source of their materials this log builder is able to offer their customers quality materials for fair prices. Usually cedar wood ends up costing more than pine because of the transportation costs involved in getting it from place to place, but with this log builder, those transportation costs won't be an issue since their materials are so near to them. The cedar log houses from the log builder Katahdin Cedar Log Homes are comparable in price to pine log houses, but the cedar homes have more lasting benefits that pine homes do. It's been shown that cedarwood outlasts pine in a number of ways, including durability. There is a natural preservative found in cedar wood that helps prevent rot, mould and insects from infesting the logs which keeps the log house looking great and standing strong for years.

Since the cedar logs this log builder uses contain much less moisture than other types of wood, the wood doesn't need as much attention and maintenance work. The cedar wood does the work for you and stays looking great for years after the home is built. The log builder stands by this by offering their customers a 25-year guarantee on all of their log houses. Stains and topcoats applied to the log house will also protect the home from any elemental damage caused by the sun, rain, wind and snow. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes log builder recommends water-based products from Perma-Chink Systems for the stain, topcoat and maintenance products and they also offer a discount on them when you buy a log house through them. You can even build your own log house when you get a log home building kit from the company, or you can hire a log builder to build it for you. While many customers try their hand a building the package, this is mostly for smaller log houses and log cabins. Hiring a log builder will ensure that everything is exactly as it needs to be so that the log house can stand for years to come without any issues or problems. The log builder also has dealers all over making it easier for those not in their area to live in one of their houses.

The log builders at Katahdin Cedar Log Homes have also found ways to maximize our cedar logs by not wasting any part or piece of the log. They aim to make useful items all parts of the tree that don't make it to the high grade that's used for building log walls. The tops of the trees and other parts that are considered to be waste will be milled into useful and beautiful cedar fencing, gates and wood for other projects. The log builders at Katahdin Cedar Log Homes are very proud of the quality of log homes they build, and they also invite potential customers to come to their main location to meet them and see the homes for themselves, and they ensure quality service right from the start.

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