Featured Log Builder: Rocky Mountain Log Homes

Log home builder; Rocky Mountain Log Homes has over forty years of log home building experience. These log home builders have become one of the most trusted names in the industry. The Rocky Mountain log home builder family knows there is no substitute for excellence. These log home builders offer expert craftsmanship, exceptional building materials, and attention to detail to create the extraordinary beauty and high-quality log house designs that is the benchmark of every Rocky Mountain log home build. You will have decades of honest log home builder experience at your hands with a team of devoted professionals who listen to your ideas and translate your log house dreams into reality. These log home builders offer a variety of log house designs and styles.

Sustainability. The key to these log home builders log house designs lies in the building materials used and their origins. The log home builder uses only the best naturally seasoned, dry-standing Western timber as their exclusive source for log and timber building materials. Their dry-standing timber is cut seasoned, not green, and then graded according to the TPI grading system. Only one in ten logs will make the grade. Every tree harvest site is replanted, and these log home builders ship all of their excess wood to paper mills, and cardboard manufactures to be recycled. To date, they have recycled more than 3,000 tons of wood and also saved thousands of acres of live trees. This standard means they are one of only a select few companies in the country that manages the entire transformation from the standing timber to the log home itself. Their process and standards help to ensure that only the strongest naturally seasoned timber finds its way into the Rocky Mountain Home.

Rocky Mountain Log home builder is also a supplier of log and timber accents and components, and they are committed to staying on top of the ever-changing log house market, constantly updating their inventory. As members of one of the log house industry’s leading buying groups, Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation (LMC), they have more choices in quality building supplies, access to even better deals and increased purchasing power.

Rocky Mountain log home builders provide superior log house design-build service of log homes because of a strong, dedicated and experienced staff. Knowledge of the art of log house, timber frame and natural wood accent home design is essential. Hundreds of families have placed their trust in these log home builders to guide them through the many log home build choices and selections in the planning, designing and the log home building process. Rocky Mountain Homes log home builders is a proud member of the Log and Timber Frame Homes Council, which is a part of the National Association of Log Home Builders. Their log house manufacturing plant is one of the most advanced in the world. But the thing this log home builder are most proud of is in their belief that every mountain style log home should be as unique as its owner.

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