Featured Log Builder: Montana Log Homes

Montana Log Homes is an expert log builder that has been handcrafting custom log homes since 1975. They've been at this a while, and they really make a commitment to their customers to provide the highest quality homes and the best service and log building. They say that they don't want to be the biggest company, but the best in the eyes of their customers. Each home crafted by their log builders is created using chainsaws and traditional log builder tools. They create their homes out of Engelmann Spruce or Western Red Cedar, as well as large diameter, dead standing, and Lodgepole Pine. All of the log homes they build are crafted from full-length logs which are hand selected from the loggers of Montana. The logs are also hand peeled, cut and carved to create the homes they build. The log builders scribe and hand fit each log at their construction yard in Kalispell, Montana meaning they have excellent quality control on each home's construction process. They also say that while other types of homes can be beautiful, nothing will match the greatness of a true log home built by professional log home builders. Plus, the thermal performance of the home makes it super efficient and effective.

The log builders offer design and blueprint services, and they encourage customers to bring their own unique home design ideas to the table. They will do their very best to fit all of the customer's preferences into each design meaning that your design will be one of a kind. On their website, the log builders also offer a detailed plan guide, which includes floor plans and photos so you can start planning your dream home. They offer Full-scribed log building where each log is hand peeled and then scribed to the log beneath it. The notches are filled with insulation resulting in an airtight home. The log builders at Montana Log Homes also offer Chink Style Construction where logs are hand scribed at their corners to fit together perfectly. Dovetail construction is another method the log builder uses where the logs are custom milled on two sides, and then a notch called a dovetail notch will lock the logs together at the ends creating a corner, this style can be integrated into either Chink Style or Full scribed building methods. Many of their homes also include lofts and second floors, so they have support systems that are made up of log columns to support these floors. They are also wonderful at creating the perfect log roof support system with purlins and ridge logs arranged in different ways.

Once the log builder completes the log package, it will be delivered to the property, and all delivery costs are included in the log package price. Upon arrival, two experienced log builders from the company will come out and reassemble the log home with the help of a few local log contractors. They'll even use a crane as needed. All log homes from Montana Log Homes come with a fully illustrated manual to finish the construction of the home if the customer doesn't choose the turn-key option. This manual also shares maintenance tips for the owner so they can keep their log home looking just as great as the days the log builders set it up. Prospective customers can get an idea of what the price of a log home would be if they contact the company with a rough sketch an idea of what they want the log builders to create and then the team will assess how much that will approximately cost. All of their homes end up being absolutely beautiful and are a true representation of the client they are building for.

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