Featured Log Builder: Streamline Design Ltd.

Log home builder, Streamline Design is a highly specialized log house and timber frame design firm based in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Since 2004, the log home builders have been completing projects throughout Canada, the United States and around the world. Their completed log house projects can be found in Denmark, Switzerland, Bosnia, Greece, France, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Uk, Lebanon and the Bahamas. The log home builders understand that your log home is your personal space and that it needs to suit your lifestyle and living needs. The log home builder help support you through every step of the log home building process from your initial idea to the fully completed log house project. They value the importance of giving the right amount of attention to detail. The log home builder team puts a great deal of thought into each log house project selection to ensure each client is left with a unique custom design.

Kevin Simoes has been exclusively designing log, timber frame and post and beam log homes for more than 17 years. Simoes is a Registered Building Designer with the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia, as well as a LEED Accredited Professional. This log home builder has built a strong reputation in this specialized field, accumulating an impressive list of awards and accomplishments. There are three main types of log house and timber structures to include full scribe log houses, timber frame and post and beam lo homes. The following are the differnent types of log homes available.

Full Scribe Log Home. When you imagine a traditional log house, a full scribe log house is typically what you will think of. The log home builder cut the logs with notches and then stack them horizontally on top of one another to help form walls. Full scribe log house builds are extremely energy efficient and can also withstand extreme weather conditions, that is why most remote log cabins you find are full scribe log cabins. It is important to remember that when log home builders construct a a full scribe log home the log house will need a few years to settle. This is because as the logs dry, they will shrink and adjust, so you want to ensure the log home builder you are working with has properly built your log house for easy maintenance.

Post and Beam Log Home. If you like the look and feel of log house work but you don’t want a full scribe log house, post and beam may be the right fit for you. Probably one of the most popular styles of timber log homes, post and beam log homes provide a natural log surface inside and outside the log home but uses fewer logs than full scribe log house builders resulting in cost savings and less settling maintenance. Post and beam log house structures are very flexible and consist of round vertical log posts that carry large horizontal logs on top.

Timber Frame Log Homes. Timber frame log houses and post and beam log homes are very similar. The main difference in these two styles of log houses is that timber frame cuts the logs square rather than using rounded logs. Timber frame log houses typically has timber work featured inside the log home with traditional siding on the outside. More and more log cabin builders are mixing and blending these three styles together and adding additional log house elements such as rock to create new log house looks and designs. If you see multiple elements from different log house designs that you like, speak to your log home builder about how they can combine your vision into their final plan.

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