Featured Log Builder: Nicola Logworks

Nicola Log Works is a custom log home builder located in the Nicola Valley of Merritt, British Columbia. The log home builders help their log home customers and their design-build team to understand the unique characteristics of log house joinery and the organic features of the wood. Understanding the unique characteristics of wood and log house joinery will help to save the customer both time and money during the log house construction by ensuring that the log house project will be completed to the quality levels that customers expect. With that said these log home builders like to be included in the early log house design and planning stages of a cabin building project, whether that be a residential log and timber house or a commercial project that features Cross Laminated Timbers (CLT) or glulam.

Some of the things to consider when choosing a log house include whether you want a dovetail log home, a post and beam log house and what look you prefer, round log or squared timbers. Other considerations include what look you prefer from rustic, contemporary, quality wood joinery and the organic appeal of timber and logs that help to create an ambience and sense of repose in any log house structure. Whatever the scope of your log house dream, budget or need, Nicola LogWorks will help every step of the way. Log and Timber Work is their passion, and they have been building log houses and timber designs, stairs and architectural design details for both residential log houses and commercial timber and mass engineered wood projects at their log house production site in Merritt BC since 1989. They deliver their log house designs to customers all over the world, from British Columbia to clients as far away as Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Nicola Log Works love their chosen profession and are proud of the diverse capabilities that their team of log house builders has developed over the years. They are truly a multi-discipline log house and timber joinery company, who are proficient in a wide variety of cabin building styles with a portfolio that ranges from modest wood cabins to the tallest wood structure in North America. They serve local log house markets to include Kamloops, Kelowna and Merritt, and they also build and ship their log houses to customers across Canada, the USA and Internationally.

When it comes to building your log house plans there are several things to consider along the way. That is why it's important to go with a log house builder who walks you through each stage of the log house building project, so you know exactly what to expect. Developing your log house or timber home plans should involve several considerations right from the beginning. To start, you will want to be clear of your log house budget, size and quality and have a well-developed intent for the use of the cabin building. You will want to let your builders know whether the cabin building will be your primary residence or recreational residence, the site of the cabin building on your land, and how you want to live in the log home. Your log house design should begin with an honest assessment of what you have to work with, starting with your log house budget. If size is your cabin building priority, but your log house budget is modest, you may have to compromise in quality. If quality is your primary log house concern and you are working with a modest budget then you will likely need to size down.

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