Featured Log Builder: Perr Blockhaus Log Cabins

Perr Blockhaus is a log builder started by Christoph and Apollonia Perr in the 1950s. Named after himself, the company got the name Perr but started out as a woodworking plant in Riedering, Germany near Rosenheim. Now, the company is a family run business that's gone into the third generation of Perr descendants and employs about 30 people who have become part of the Perr Blockhaus work family. When the company first began they created round logs only, and in 1975 the carpentry component was created, and they started to construct log cabins becoming true log builders. Then in 1980, the addition of square log building was added to their list of log building services. Today, Perr is one of the most renowned log cabin manufacturers in Germany and the Alps The company isn't just revered for their beautiful log homes but for their environmentally friendly values and log building methods. They try to be as eco-friendly as possible in all areas of their business, and they're always looking to improve their product and production methods with greener techniques. Some of the things they've already implemented are the 8 forklifts with electric motors, and one company vehicle with an electric motor. Most of the electricity at their factory comes from their own 475 kW photovoltaic system and their wood chips are used for the heat and drying chambers in their factory. They even have vehicle charging stations for electric vehicles.

They hope to bring in more electric vehicles for the transportation of their items and products as well so that everything is solar powered. All of the extra power they create at the plant is then supplied back to the grid. So by buying one of their log cabins and supporting these log builders, customers will also be supporting a greener way of living. All of their materials are also sustainably sourced as well. They make sure that the forest and trees are used responsibly. Also, supporting local mills and forest operations helps to secure local jobs and the local economy. Since wood is a renewable resource, this also makes their homes very environmentally friendly. They only use wood from Bavarian and Swabian forestry companies with sustainable forest management. Building homes out of natural materials like wood gives back to the environment instead of polluting it. Wood materials reduce the CO 2 problem in the atmosphere since wood removes CO 2 from the atmosphere. Of course, the quality of the log homes from this log builder is also very high too. They have over 40 years of experience which has helped them learn what works best in a log home and what doesn't and how to create the most efficient building practice.

They use spruce and fir trees from Bavaria and Swabia making the log homes extremely stable. They will be able to defy the elements meaning they can last possibly for centuries. All of the planning is done in house, and then the homes are built in their factory and can be delivered within Germany as well as to other countries. Some of the countries they deliver to include Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Denmark and many others. The log homes are available as either a kit that customers can assemble themselves or as full homes that are built to various stages of completion. Customers can also choose from round log homes or square log homes from their many different plans and styles. They process logs in trunk sizes of 11 cm, 16 cm, 21 cm and 25 cm. So the size can depend on the size of log the customer would prefer. Have a look at some of their completed projects and get inspired by their beautiful log homes.

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