Featured Log Builder: Real Log Homes

Log home builders from New Hampshire. Real Log Homes log home builders have a full-service in house cabin design department ready to serve their clients in any capacity. The company is led by Jim Driesch, who started with Real Log in 1975, and their design staff has several years of experience designing the most ideal log house floor plans. Their cabin design team can work with your Independent Representative or your log cabin architect to develop a log house floor plan that will meet your wants and needs. Many clients come to the company with a well thought out idea or log house concept in mind, sometimes even drawings that they may have sketched themselves or one of their many Standard Log Home Plans. But, many log house customers start from scratch, either approach works. They expect every log home to reflect the homeowner, and they expect the log house design process to be unique as well.

Another benefit of the Real Log Homes and its log cabin design process is their in-house design team works in the same facility as their manufacturing staff. This means that there is a seamless process from passing the log house design plans to the manufacturing team. This seamless transition also means less wasted time and money. Many of the Real Log Homes Independent Representatives are also well suited to help their clients achieve the best possible design.

One of the things that set Real Log Homes apart from other log house builders is in their premium graded logs. To assure both visual and structural log house quality, Real Log Homes log house packages are manufactured with only premium graded logs that are cut from the heart of the log. Their logs are graded to Log Homes Council standards by their trained and certified staff at the licensed manufacturing facilities. Real Log homes also have an independent grader to monitor the logs for quality control. Their certificate of grading can be important whenever local building permits or approvals need to be obtained. The choice of log species available to the Real Log Homes packages includes Eastern white pine or Western red cedar. Using quality logs means less checking. While some of the logs that are used in any log home package will check, or crack, over time, the logs used in the Real Log homes are manufactured to help minimize stress to the wood and to also reduce the amount of checking. Real Log Home logs are air-dried rather than kiln-dried, being milled from the heart of the tree, and, as part of their InterLock Joinery System, the logs are cut with a check groove in place. Also, their logs are designed wider than they are tall, which is something that also helps to reduce the chance of checking on the exposed sides.

Wood is a natural, renewable and recyclable. It grows without using any artificial energy, and although wood must be harvested and transported, the overall use of wood as non-renewable energy is less than concrete or that of steel. Most of all, wood is a durable and long-lasting building material. With proper maintenance and protection from the elements, wood cabin buildings have lasted centuries.

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