Featured Log Builder: Confederation Log Homes

Confederation Log Homes knows that finding the perfect log builder for your project can be a daunting task, to say the least. When you're building your dream home, you need to find a log builder that you trust completely with the project and they are honoured to help their customers in every step of the process. People choose Confederation Log Homes mainly because they promise to build custom log homes every time. Each of their plans is customized to suit their client's needs and style, so each home is unique. They'll use either one of their plans that you can modify, your plan or start completely from scratch with you. The design team and designing service is something that is included in the price of the log home as well which is nice to know. Plus, they have four decades of experience in designing and building log homes so they also have a level of expertise that other log builders may not have. This log builder has spent years creating the perfect log home kit to offer their customers the best product and service for their money. The company is also always sure to use logs from sustainably managed forests in their building projects, and the logs look beautiful and natural in the finished homes they build.

Confederation Log Home and Timber Frame Company over the 40 years they've been in business, the log builders have constructed thousands of log houses. For thousands of years, people have chosen wood and logs as building materials because of their unparalleled strength and incredible beauty. While techniques for log building have always remained consistent over the years, Confederation Log Homes puts a modern twist on their designs and builds to bring some contemporary style into the designs. So with one of their homes, you'll feel like you're in a traditional log home with all of the amenities of a new home. The corners of their log houses are dovetail corners which show off the talent of the craftsmen who built the log house. All of the homes built by Confederation Log Homes are not only custom designed, but they are also built right in their warehouse, and their buildings can be shipped anywhere in the world. So if you've been sitting on the idea of building a log house for some time and haven't chosen a log builder because of distance, that won't be an issue with Confederation Log Homes.

Wait until you see this gorgeous Hillcrest Log Home Floor Plan from Confederation Log Homes, featured on My Wood Home website. Confederation Log Homes company is actually one of Canada's leading log home manufacturer. They have also won awards for technical advancements, floor plans, designs, and building quality. They have a bunch of wonderful log home, and cabin plans that you can browse on their website and distributors all over North America, making it easy for anyone who would like to own one of these beautiful log homes. They want people to know that building a log home is easier than most people think, and they love playing a part in people's journeys of building the home of their dreams, making it fun and exciting. On their website, they even have a quiz that prospective customers can take to see what kind of log home and log home kit will suit their needs best. You can also see that they offer a very comprehensive and complete building package that includes not only the bare essentials to the log building but also some extras that maybe some other log builders might not include in their building packages.

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