Featured Log Builder: EcoLog Homes

Do you dream of having the perfect eco-friendly and energy efficient log house? Van Isle Ecolog Homes is a company that loves helping their customers get into the log home of their dreams. The log builders have a great selection of prefab log homes that customers can choose from, and customers can also create their own custom design as well. The company draws upon traditional log building techniques using square timbers in their homes which results in that classic charming log house design we all know and love. The log builders also incorporate modern building techniques as well to create a home that will stand for years. Their prefab log houses are also more affordable because of the square logs they use which allow them to stretch materials out. The log builders use Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar wood to create the log homes and cabins and all of the wood they use is harvested from sustainable second-growth forests on Vancouver Island. The homes themselves are very energy efficient as well as requiring less energy to heat since they are well insulated and can maintain their temperature inside. All of their log homes are first created in their factory which also leads to more efficient building since they don't have to rely on the weather and elements being calm. Their indoor environment provides a safe and protected environment to build all of their log homes which means no delays for customers.

EcoLog Homes also has a great range of sizes and styles of log houses to choose from. From their smaller backyard cottages which would be great additions to an existing home or a cottage in the woods, to the larger log houses that would make great residences. One of their featured log houses is the Montana prefab log house kit. The prefab kits include everything that will be needed to build the log house you choose including the foundation beams, floors, walls, windows doors and the roof as well as all of the hardware. The entire Montana log home kit from Van Isle Ecolog Homes costs around $5,900 CAD to purchase which is quite affordable for a small 140 square foot log cabin that could work as a backyard guest house or a cabin. People interested in small house living could also be into building one of these small house designs to suit their needs. The nice thing is, customers can buy a log cabin or home kit for about the same price as a home that's built using conventional construction methods.

EcoLog Homes offers their customers full customization of log home plans as well so the plans you see on their website can be modified to suit your family's needs. The log builders create 11 rows of timbers and insulation creating a 9.2 foot high ceilings inside the home, and they offer different configurations and additions. The log builder also offers EZLog kits so that people can build a log cabin or home from a kit delivered right to their property. All of their log cabin and home building kits also include their energy performance modelling service, to ensure each of their homes is as energy efficient as possible. The EcoLog Homes business was first developed in 1996 by EcoLog Building Concepts, in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario where their buildings are very popular. Ecolog Homes BC is located in Victoria and is owned and operated by Hermann Thoene. Hermann created Ecolog Homes in 2008 to bring log homes to the west coast of Canada. In January 2010 they fully incorporated the company as Vanisle Ecolog Homes Inc. Each of the log building kits is created in partnership with Cowichan Lake Timber Ltd. EcoLog Homes in the east are created in Haliburton, Ontario. Can you see yourself in one of their beautiful log homes?

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