Featured Log Builder: Lakeland Log and Timber

Lakeland Log and Timber Works is a log builder that offers specialized one-on-one service for their customers from the log house design to the construction and completion of log homes or cabins. They have built large, intricate homes as well as nice cozy little cabins, as well as commercial buildings in their 25 years of experience in the log building industry. The log builders do conventional construction as well as modern energy efficient construction, as well as timber frame and hybrid options. Lakeland Log and Timber has the knowledge, expertise and equipment their customers need for the perfect log home. The owner of Lakeland Log and Timber Works is Peter Ackelauer, and he takes pride in creating spaces that are more than just houses, they are homes and spaces to create memories in, and they are works of art. You can see here that all of the log homes are beautifully built using materials that look incredible. They are located in the boreal forests of Northern Saskatchewan which is known for its tall white spruce trees. Lakeland Log and Timber has a great supply of the best building materials in Saskatchewan which puts them ahead of the rest in that area. Since Northern Saskatchewan has a very short growing season due to the long cold winters, white spruce trees will have tight growth rings making the strongest building materials. They not only have the beautiful spruce but they also always have pine, cedar and fir on hand depending on what their customers need or want.

Lakeland Log has several dealers that sell their products so customers can buy a log building package or log and timber products from the distributors or directly from the company. Even if you're just looking to add some log or timber features to your home, they will help you fit that in. While some people think that with log home designs it's either go big or go home, there's a lot to be said about smaller log homes too. While large, luxury log houses are gorgeous, building a smaller log home can result in a more affordable project not only short term but long term as well because heating costs will be much lower. Lakeland Log and Timberframe Homes have built many log houses over the years and started up twenty years ago when the owners, a married couple, wanted to build a log house of their own. So like anyone who wants to build a log house, they started looking for a log home building company that could build a home they loved while staying within their budget. At the time, the couple was in their 20s, and they had two younger kids, and they found that many companies would judge them on their age. So not many of the companies wanted to work with them on their log house. So, unfortunately, they weren't able to move ahead with their plans to build their log house just yet.

Years later, they came across a log home building company called Real Log Homes who had years of building experience as well as a patented joinery system. The couple ended up partnering with the company and started Lakeland Log and Timber Frame Homes. They vowed to do things differently than how the log builders and companies did years ago from their experience. When a customer comes to them, they give them the respect they deserve and work with them to provide an estimate. They also work with each and every customer to build unique homes that suit each person perfectly, and they are not in the business of mass producing the same home over and over. Since they wanted to be a bit different, they also decided to include timber-framing in their building business. They have built many homes since they began in 2000 and they have a lot of fun with each and every project they do.

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