Featured Log Builder: Artisan Log Homes

Artisan Log and Timber Homes have been in the log building business for over 45 years making them one of the oldest established log builders in Western Canada. In that time they have designed and built log cabins and homes in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia with happy customers all over the globe. The President of the company, Rob Littler, is recognized for his designs and for building log cabins since 1973. The first log home Rob built was in Quesnel a small town in northern BC, and then he moved to Mission BC where Artisan has been from then on. This is a family owned and operated business with Rob as the president and Jordan, his son on Construction, his other son Josh is on Management, and Marketing and another son Dustin works on the Drafting for the design aspect. So all three of Rob and his wife Katherine's kids are involved in the business directly. Dustin started out in the log yard in 1998, Jordan found that he loved construction and Josh has worked in the company's log yard and office for over 13 years but took a marketing course so he can work in the office.

They have a yard where all of their homes are built as well as a show home which is a custom 5,000 square foot full scribe log home or a 2,500 square foot post and beam log home. Anyone can go and visit the yard and the showhomes to get a better idea of what the company does and what their finished homes look like. In addition to the family members, they have a wide range of highly skilled log builders, who each brings something special to the team. Each of the members of the log building team are involved in creating each log home and making sure the customer is happy with the project every step of the way. The company not only builds log homes, but these log builders also educate people on what they've learned about log building and homes over the years. They educate people on how much log homes cost, as well as what the differences are between full scribed and timber frame or post and beam homes are. As well as how to get building permits, what type of wood is best to build with and they even provide a checklist for the log home building process.

The company will also help their customers find the best piece of land for their log home or cabin and then once the land is purchased they can start to help them design the perfect home for the land. The log builders will even help customers with their permit application as well as create a comprehensive budget so that you don't go outside of your means. Most of their log homes are located close to their home branch in Mission, BC. They've also built other homes in North America and even as far away as Turino Italy, and Osaka, Japan. For log builds in North America, the log builders will create the pre-framed wall panels and roof panels and then deliver the pieces to your land which will take about 3 days to re-assemble and another day to install the roof panels. All of the pieces for the log home are completely ready to be assembled by a local contractor, or in some cases, customers even re-assemble their own homes too. This can be great for those who love a hands-on experience when it comes to building their home and who want to be part of the process.

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