Featured Log Builder: Bear Log Homes Russia

Building beautiful log homes is what Bear Log Homes Russia is all about. They build stunning log homes and cabins using large diameter cedar and have been in the log building business since 2006. These large-diameter logs aren't often offered to customers which is what makes these homes so unique. They only use cedar from Siberia to ensure amazing quality for all of their homes. Siberia has a lot of incredible taiga land, which means coniferous forest that is usually filled with large cedar trees or even larch or Angarsk pine. They say that Cedar has some unique healing properties, but it also grows to be the largest out of any other type of tree. Plus it also contains some incredible natural oils that repel insects and keep mould and mildew at bay, plus prevents rotting. Cutting these trees to create log homes and cabins requires a lot of expertise and experience which the log builders at Bear Log Homes have. They also use all of the special tools and equipment required to cut down these trees properly. Many people built a log cabin as a second home for vacations, but some also build them as full-time homes. The company also gets a lot of bathhouse or sauna projects, both large and small. So the log builders from Bear Log Homes has built all different styles and sizes of log home. Each log is chosen specifically for the project they're working on at the time. The log builders carefully select each log and cut it by hand, the traditional way.

They are very lucky to live in the best area for lush forests in the Republic of Khakassia. These days, large cedars are truly hard to find, but here there are thousands of acres of pristine forested land. There, people can drink clean water right out of the streams. So the log builders themselves are very connected with nature and love their jobs which make a big difference in the homes they build. All of the log homes they build are constructed in their working yard where they have proper protection and access to the tools and machines they need. They are able to do their work more effectively and efficiently resulting in homes that are built faster and with fewer wasted materials. Their yard is also perfectly level as well which results in a more level building as well. Whereas building on soil on the building site can be tricky since soil and earth are always changing and shifting. The log builders use cranes in their Post and Beam work and to lift and set logs in place while building. They specifically use a gantry crane which lifts the logs with slings allowing for more precise and accurate setting of the logs. For those who live in Russia, they invite people to come to visit their yard in Khakassia near Abakan.

In 2013 they joined the International Association of Wooden Housing, and they were subcontracted by Canadian Company Pioneer Log Homes of BC who are the world leaders in wooden home construction. They built a log house made from Canadian Cedar in Moscow that was more than 53,800 square feet. During their time building with the log builders of Pioneer Log Homes, they learned so much about the technology of building log homes which lend perfectly to their business that they continue to grow all the time. Even if you don't live in Russia, it's very inspiring to see the log homes this log builder creates with so much precision and attention to detail. You might get some inspiration for your own log home plans.

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