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Building a log cabin or home can be easy when you find the best log builder. For those in Europe, North House log homes is one of the great companies that builds log homes. They handcraft their log homes which means that they will be unique and each log home will be one of a kind. They also build saunas, garden houses and other units made from wood and timber. Building log homes using traditional handcrafted methods can mean that the project will be more expensive and time-consuming, but there are some undeniable advantages over other construction methods that are quicker and cheaper. For North Home Log Homes, the quality of their homes is a top priority, and they create homes that last a lifetime. The company only hires highly skilled and qualified log builders who have long term experience in the construction of log and timber houses. Since it's such a specialty in the building realm, it's so important to have professionals building these types of homes. The log builders at North Home log homes uses Russian, Norwegian, and Canadian building techniques to create the most beautiful, high-quality homes. They're also constantly into learning about and getting the latest in new equipment to make their building process run smoothly and efficiently. They buy and develop new cranes and sawmills to help them in the building process. Having this high-quality equipment also allows them to reduce their costs per square meter allowing them to increase the quality of the homes with a shorter construction time.

The great news is the log builders have also received the international quality certificate EMI # A-206/2008-1, which allows us to deliver their log houses to other countries in Europe and the homes comply with European standards. So people in other European countries can order their homes and then have a contractor in their area reassemble the home for them on their property. Some customers also do the work on the log houses themselves as well which can save them a lot of money on labour and also allows them to have hands-on experience in building their cabin or home. During the first stages of choosing the right log home model for you, the log builders are very open to hearing their customers ideas and working with them to implement those ideas into their log home or cabin plans. All of the log home models available on their website have been designed to meet the customer's requirements and needs. Since the most critical stage is the design stage, it's essential that the customers have time and space to offer their input and understand the entire layout and process of their project. Then, they can get the building permits for their project and set the water supply, foundation and other finishing touches.

The construction process with the log builders at North Home Log Homes starts with the design stage then goes onto the logging stage where they choose the logs for your specific project. Then, they expertly craft the log structure in their factory, and then take it down to ship it to the customer's location where they will reassemble it for the customer. The type of wood they use is mainly gymnospermous wood for constructing log houses, mostly pine but sometimes larch as well. They don't really use spruce wood as much though because it's a lower density wood, but it can be used for beams and skids. To estimate how much the log shell will cost you can multiply the area of the home you're building by 200 Euro to get an idea of how much it will cost. Although the prices of the homes also depend on the height of walls and other design features.

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