Cute Tiny House (if Not a Bit Plain Outside) But Inside... is Totally Enchanting and Darling

With design details like the canted roof that makes for a unique silhouette on top of this 24-foot trailer, to all of the amazing details inside this tiny home design, the Artisan Retreat tiny house is one of a kind. This home is loaded with windows and bright with all the natural light that reflects off the white walls. There are well-crafted touches throughout the tiny house design, from the side table extension that's perfect for holding a cup of tea, to the hooks to hang the kitchen utensils. The exterior of this tiny home design on wheels is where it all begins with the light blue color, combined with the white and brown trim. Cedar shakes add to the charm of the exterior of this tiny house design on wheels. Inside, there is an upstairs loft for sleeping, with dark wood floors and modern touches everywhere you look within the tiny home design. With so much going on you forget just how small this tiny house on wheels is. But with all the great design details it doesn't feel small at all and would be perfect for full-time living, as a guesthouse or for use as a vacation home getaway in the location of your dreams.

The kitchen area is a dream come true for a tiny house, with butcher block countertops and a full-sized range and oven. There's also a huge farmhouse style sink which is perfect for keeping on top of all the dishes. They also have a nice apartment sized fridge that would be excellent for storing food so there's always something to make for meals. Above the kitchen is the bedroom loft with a full sized bed in it and a copper pipe railing going all the way around the perimeter. The staircase leading up to the loft makes for easy access to the bed which is always nice. There is also some great storage within the staircase which is always welcome in a tiny house on wheels. They also created a nice shelving unit to keep plants and ornaments on for a nice touch of warmth and personality.

On the other side of this well-designed tiny home is the living room which is outfitted with a comfortable sofa and plenty of shelving and storage. There's also an entertainment centre with a TV built right into the wall and a fireplace below to create some lovely ambiance. By the front door there is a great little closet which is able to hold some clothing and shoes and there is also a bit of an entrance way instead of having to step right into the house. The bathroom has a flush toilet, sink and vanity with a shower stall. There's also a medicine cabinet and some shelving beside the vanity to store items in. Overall, this tiny house on wheels has an excellent design and there is so much to love about it. If you're interested in living in a tiny house on wheels, this design is a great inspiration for anyone who wants an efficient living space with a lot of style.

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