The Minim House is Modern Park Model Living

The Minim House built a park model home design by Brian Levy. The main difference in this park model home design is in width. Rather than the standard 8.5 feet for a tiny house on wheels, it is 11 feet wide. Those 2.5 feet in width make a huge difference in the overall comfort and feel of the home design. It allows for a loft free space with a pullout bed that hides underneath the storage area. That extra 2.5 feet of width offers a lot more room to move around. When you move into the kitchen, you won't have a cramped kitchen space but rather a spacious feel. The home design still on a trailer, though it is a wide-load park model width, so you will need a permit to move it. But most likely once you set the park model home design into place, you probably will leave it there.

The other main difference between the Minim House Park Model and standard Tiny Homes is in the construction method. Most tiny house buildings are standard stick builds using dimensional lumber as a building material. The Minim park model home design is made up of Structurally Insulated Panels, also known as SIPs. The Minim Park Model House seems to be a one-of-a-kind in the world of park models and tiny houses. The extra width of the Minim park model and use of SIP panels makes for a modern design that is sure to change the way you think about park model homes. The Minim House has enough space to add in a washer and dryer, a full-size fridge in the kitchen, space enough for a full desk and a kitchen table, and under house storage, if needed. There is also a pullout bed under the platform, with a regular sprung mattress.

Park model tiny house buildings are perfect for private living. With bedrooms that are usually situated down hallways from the living area as well as kitchen, the privacy usually offered in a park model tiny house building is far better than other models. A park model tiny house building also has better mobility than stick built and site built home designs. Although it is true that park model tiny house buildings are not meant to be hitched as regularly as a travel trailer design, it doesn't mean that you cannot move the park model elsewhere if needed.

A park model is just one of the tiny house building options you have when considering a vacation home, or when downsizing from your standard home design. The park model home designs of today differ from the park models of the past, with plenty of modern designs that are spacious and space efficient so you don't feel like you are giving up anything. Across the country, you will find park model parks perfect for vacationers and people wanting to downsize, especially great for retirement. These days you can pretty much get the park model design that best suits your budget, lifestyle and needs, with plenty of options and added features that will best suit you. With a little planning to determine what sort of space works best for you, and a look at your budget you can get a park model tiny house building that will fit in with your life, no matter your wants and needs.

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