Cozy Tiny Home Cabin With Amazing Country View

The Mountain Haven wood cabin is located 15 minutes from Waterton Park in Alberta, Canada with incredible mountain views. This Mountain Haven wood cabin would be perfect for anyone who wanted to stay close to Waterton Park to have a nice, relaxing vacation. It would be perfect for a couple or two couples, or small families since it can sleep up to 7 people. It features two bedrooms, one bedroom on the main floor has a queen sized bed, and in the upstairs loft, there are two queen beds and one single bed.

For cooking convenience, there is a small kitchen with a gas range and oven, a microwave, fridge, toaster and coffee maker. Also, there is a comfortable living room with a TV and a DVD player. There is also one bathroom with a toilet and a shower. To enjoy some time outside, there is a private deck off of the cabin as well with a barbeque on it for outdoor grilling. The gambrel style roof finished with copper metal roofing just makes this cabin even more interesting and adorable. Then, the inside decor is very new with a rustic modern style making it feel warm and homey.

There is something so romantic about staying in a wood cabin close to the mountains. Not only are the views amazing, but you are also in the perfect place to relax, pause, and get in touch with yourself and nature. The benefits of staying in a wood cabin go beyond the great views. It’s a great way to help lessen your environmental impact. From the cabin building construction to how it stores and uses energy, a wood cabin is ecologically friendly in more ways than one. The building materials used in the construction of wood cabins are environmentally and ecologically friendly. It takes less energy to build a wood cabin than standard housing.

The energy production that is required to harvest wood is less than what is necessary for the manufacturing of human-made building materials. The greenhouse gas emissions are reduced with the construction of a cabin building, as nearly 10 percent of the global CO2 emissions are a result of the production of concrete as a building material. It is said that when a ton of concrete is produced, that a ton of CO2 is produced. Many cabin building construction companies make it their mission to invest in the reforestation of trees and re constantly looking at ways to improve green building practices. Staying in a wood cabin will help to lessen your carbon footprint.

To help improve green building practices, many companies and contractors looking at ways to use recycled wood and quality pieces of dismantled older structures. Unfortunately, as new buildings are erected, hundred-year-old buildings are demolished and knocked down. When the building materials from these older houses are reclaimed, not only is it less wasteful it gives new life to old materials making them useful once again and character to the new project. Using reclaimed building materials is a good way to have your new wood cabin or weekend retreat tell a story. The best logs and wood to use in cabin building are cedar, spruce, pine, larch and fir. Wood cabins are often built with the natural surroundings in mind, built with great views and consideration for the preservation of the local environment and habitat. You will find this cute cottage on the VRBO site where you can book it to stay in for your next vacation. There are also many other cottages to choose from too so you could try staying in many different styles of cottage on your vacations.

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