This Ready to Go Tiny Cabin Is Perfect and You Will Love the Inside

There’s a lot to be said about small house living, and people who are joining in on minimalist living, prefab houses and tiny house buildings are creating a simple, affordable way for people to build a home that is all their own. Although the prefab housing industry is not new, it has been growing steadily over the last hundred years or so and attracting a variety of clients. Starting in the early 1900s, companies like Sears and Aladdin made their mark on the prefab housing industry by selling people all of the materials they needed to build a home. It was, and still is a very practical method of tiny house building.

Affordable housing can be hard to find these days, which is why many people are choosing tiny house building over purchasing an older house that may be in need of extensive repairs and renovations. Instead of large houses, families are opting for smaller houses that cost less to build initially and require less effort to maintain. That way, there is more time to enjoy life and favorite pastimes and hobbies.

The tiny home movement has grown bigger and stronger as costs to build or buy homes skyrocket. That is not the only reason people want smaller homes, of course. For many people, a tiny house building means a simpler life, free from the responsibility and work that a large home can represent. A tiny house building can mean more time spent outside enjoying the environment, more money to travel, and let’s face it, a lot less time cleaning the inside, and mowing, blowing or raking the outside.

Escape Homes offers the perfect line of prefab home designs for any homebuyer’s budget. They offer three main prefab park model homes and one tiny house on wheels design, as well as a two bedroom option for the park model houses. The prefab home kits are complete with everything needed for the tiny house building process, and are built by the company’s professional builders and then delivered to the building site to be set in place. The complete packages from Escape Homes include most of the home’s materials and additional items can be added to make it more of a turn-key option. All of the building and finishing materials are included in the price, as well as the fixtures including the sinks and countertops, bathtub, toilet, kitchen appliances, even an electric fireplace and a heating and cooling system.

Not many prefab tiny house building packages include all of these things, and they would have to be bought separately, on top of the building material costs. One of their most popular models is the Escape classic park model, which is perfect for small house living. This tiny house model features a similar layout to the other two floor plans, but it is the simplified version of them all, so it has a lower price point, coming in at $114,800 for a starting price. Buyers can also look into financing on their tiny house building project to pay off the cost over time.

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