The Cutest Little Tiny Home by a New Beginning

Whether you’re considering building a tiny house yourself or from a prefab building kit, there are so many great reasons to consider small house living. The tiny house movement started with people wanting to save money and reduce their impact on the environment too. Tiny house building has become even more popular, and it looks like that will continue as the years go on especially because of the lack of decent, affordable rentals that are available. When it comes to tiny house building, there are a few options you can choose.

You could build a tiny house or a small cabin building on a piece of property that you own or, if you don’t own property, you can build a custom tiny house building on a trailer. Building a wood cabin or a small log house can also be done with a kit, or you can hire cabin builders to build you a custom built log cabin. There are lovely luxury log cabins, but if you still want something really simple, small log homes are perfect. There are even log cabin kits for sale online, and you can usually create your own custom log cabin designs and then do all of the cabin building yourself.

A custom built cabin building would cost a bit more money, but it’s the way to go if you don’t want to have to do any of the building yourself. The other option is to get a prefab tiny house on wheels. Prefabs are homes that are built by prefabricated construction which means that everything has been built in the company’s factory beforehand to make sure that all of the pieces fit together properly. This makes tiny house building so much easier for you when the prefab home arrives at your property. Prefabs first became available in the United States in the early 1900s when people wanted different home building and home design options. They were able to be ordered from the Sears Roebuck Catalog via mail order, and they became very popular. Over the years prefabs have been associated with cheaply made homes, but in more recent years prefab home designs are better than ever. There are even eco-friendly prefab houses now that are built out of eco-friendly building materials.

One of the greatest things about these prefab wood cabins or small house designs is that they reduce and minimize waste. Sine the manufacturers can mass-produce these small house designs; there doesn’t end up being a lot of wasted building materials left behind which is great for the environment and cost. Wasted building materials can even be used on the next tiny house building project as well. The prefab small log houses are just as durable and sturdy as the luxury log cabin kits for sale; they are just more affordable. You can also design your own house when you choose to build a tiny prefab house as well. You can take one of the company’s designs and make adjustments, or you can create and design your own house from scratch. Just make sure you talk with the each of the cabin building companies to see what they can do for you and if they can create fully custom designs. So whether you decide to build a small log home or tiny house from scratch yourself, hire a builder to build it for you or buy a prefab kit there are plenty of ways to get the tiny house or small log home of your dreams. Start looking through design ideas online to get inspired.

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