Smartly Built Charming Tiny Cabin Offers Comfy Sleeping Space for 6 People!

A wood cabin is a perfect place to go to get away from it all and restore your connection to nature and yourself. This charming tiny cabin building would be a great option to book for any vacation. It's located on private property in the Mark Twain National Forest, in Missouri. Surrounded by trees, the charming 573 square foot tiny cabin features wooden siding on the exterior and tongue in groove siding on the interior. There's a lovely porch on the front of the cabin for lounging and enjoying the outdoors. This cabin building sleeps four to six people with a loft bedroom that has two double beds and a master bedroom with one queen bed. For longer stays, there is lots of storage for clothing and other items. Since this is more of a park model tiny cabin, the loft isn't large enough to stand up in but would be perfect for kids to sleep in.

The living room features a smaller sofa and a little chair with a sweet little mantle and fireplace. Upon the mantle is a television to use while you're at the cabin to watch movies and shows on. The size of the living room is expanded by the higher ceilings and the windows at the ceiling level. If you're building a tiny house or cabin of your own, it really helps to look at other tiny cabin designs like this one to see what things you like about them, and also what you don't so you can have a clear vision of your own tiny cabin designs. If you don't already have land to build a tiny cabin on, you may even want to consider building a tiny cabin on wheels to take wherever you want to go. Tiny cabins on wheels can be very affordable too, and you can get them as small or as large as you need. Of course, you wouldn't have as much space as you would in a cabin like the one you see here, but you'd have as much room as you'd have in an RV or trailer.

Even building a smaller tiny cabin like this one would save you money initially and in the long run too. Smaller cabins are easier to heat and cool, they are also easier to take care of and maintain. If you love the wood cabin look you could even purchase a tiny cabin design that has a log siding on it to make it look like a log cabin. Instead of using full logs which could be quite expensive the logs are cut into smaller sized pieces, and they are formed to look like small logs. Then, just like this wood cabin, tongue and groove panelling is used to cover the walls on the inside to give it that wood cabin charm. This wood cabin even has a nice kitchen in it that you could use to make your meals during your stay. The way the kitchen is open to the living room also creates a more open concept space and creates a flow between the living room and the kitchen. At the back of the cabin building is where the bathroom and the bedroom are located, and even though they are small, they are perfect for a short stay.

Also from this wood cabin, you'll be able to enjoy fishing and water sports on Table Rock Lake, Big Bay, Campbell Point Marina, and Kings River Marina which are all close by. You could also drive only 45 minutes to the Ozark Mountains or the Eureka Springs in Arkansas.

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