A Spanish Style Cottage in a Serene Nature Setting

Home sweet home on a California hillside, the Spring Orinda home by New Avenue Homes is a picture-perfect small cottage homestead. Sitting happily on the Orinda hill, nestled in the trees and surrounded by the beauty of nature, this spring cottage home is a true delight. Built by New Avenue Homes, the home has all of the luxuries of a conventional household, with the whimsical feeling of living in a lovely little cottage in the countryside. When you have a look at this house, you will feel the cozy and comfortable vibe through the photos. The cottage, designed in a Spanish style that fits right into the scenery it is in.

White siding on the exterior of the cottage gives the home a nice, fresh and clean look, and the teal trim is a beautiful accent to the stark white, and adds a wonderful pop of colour that isn't too overbearing. In true Spanish style, the shingles are the clay tile shingles that one would see when in Spain. They also add a lot of character to the home, as well as a nice shade of terra cotta. The cottage is surrounded by oak trees, and large, tall redwood cedars, as well as many other native plants that cover the ground around the perimeter of the home.

The beautiful brick courtyard offers the perfect place to lounge out under the hot California sun, and they have added in several gardens for herbs, flowers and vegetables in the yard as well. One of the cute touches is the succulent container garden that they put together; it has a lot of interesting and different species. The other amazing aspect of the yard, is they have a chicken coop and a few chickens of their very own! Even though chickens can be a lot of work, they are essential to the homesteader's haven providing eggs, even fertilizer for the garden and eventually maybe meat to eat.

Upon entering the home, you might not be able to believe it is a country cottage homestead at all. The interior is very luxuriously decorated with lovely Persian carpets in the living room and bedroom. A delicate and clean cream coloured sofa, and the fine art and accessories isn't usually what you would expect to find in a country style homestead. But the owners have embraced both the elegance of city living and the simplicity of cottage living and combined the two styles and infused their own style into it as well. This just looks like such a pleasant place to spend the afternoon reading a book.

With the fireplace that connects to the living room and the bedroom, it would be a very warm and cozy space as well. Their kitchen is spacious and open, with great working space on the chopping block countertops and plenty of storage for all of their kitchen equipment in the many cabinets. The design of the cabinets was even really well thought out, to accommodate multiple items per cupboard, a good idea for a smaller place. The large, gas stove would be the perfect way to cook delicious meals, and the large sink with the wind above provides the perfect place to do the dishes.

Just when you think the home couldn't get any more impressive, the bathroom photo shows beautiful Spanish style, painted tiles, sink and an ornately painted toilet. It really creates am exotic feeling in the bathroom, and feels very earthy and warm. The bedroom is super spacious for a smaller home, again, with charming furniture that looks to be refinished vintage furniture. A cottage charming enough you could call it home.

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