Australia's Solution to Off Grid Living in The Self Contained and Sustainable CABN

CABN are off-grid tiny homes that are entirely self-sustainable and are being placed on beautiful parcels of land all over Australia. These tiny cabin buildings are designed to effortlessly blend in with the beautiful Australian landscape. CABN tiny homes were set up to help provide people with a way to disconnect and get back to nature. These completely off-grid, sustainable and eco-friendly tiny house designs have been set in some of Australia’s most stunning and scenic landscapes to offer an ideal escape. These unique small house plans are also available in a couple of locations to be enjoyed for a short stay, to recharge your batteries and relax in style. A digital detox allows you the freedom to disconnect from electronics and to reconnect with what makes you feel your happiest.

The first CABN from this company is named Jude, after the founder’s mother. Jude is a warm, caring and inviting lady who is never judgmental and has always welcomed everyone into her home and her life. So it's easy to see why this name is appropriate for this simple tiny cabin design. It’s those feelings that you can expect when you stay in one of these tiny cabins. A CABN is an adventurous, warm and welcoming tiny house escape. The Jude CABN in South Australia is set in 180 acres of natural scrubland and is adjacent to a conservation park that boasts incredible walking trails, dams, creeks, and breathtaking scenery. The tiny cabin is situated in the stunning Adelaide Hills.

In the Adelaide Hills location, you are never far from conservation parks, wineries and nature. In this beautiful location, you will be close to forest, bushwalking, creeks, bird watching and waterfalls. In this Australian location, you can expect to see kangaroos, bandicoots, drop bears, and other shy native animals that you wouldn't find in the city or the burbs. Another benefit of this location is that you get to wake up to the sound of kookaburras and magpies at dawn. Look up at the night sky, and enjoy a sea of stars. Depending on the time of year that you stay in this location you can hang out around the fire pit and enjoy being outdoor. It's a great way to get back to nature’s circadian rhythms.

The next CABN location is Kangaroo Valley, the Arabella CABN. The CABN Arabella is set on a 140-acre property on the edge of the scenic Cambewarra Ranges. This location is a former dairy farm that is named Cloudbreaker Falls, which is a two hours’ drive south from Sydney and Canberra, and about 15 minutes outside the township of Kangaroo Valley. This CABN is hidden in a forest clearing surrounded by tall dense bushland. The Arabella is an idyllic escape that is set amongst abundant wildlife and pristine natural surroundings with several vantage points that are within walking distance to view the valley below. The Arabella CABN sleeps four to five people and features a fully-operational kitchen and an outdoor gas barbecue.

The Arabella cabin building includes a combustion heater inside to help with those chilly evenings and an air conditioner for the warmer summer nights. There is an outdoor fire pit perfect for toasting marshmallows along with an outdoor bathtub that is enclosed in its very own glass cube to help you connect with the natural surroundings. These remote getaways are a chance to stay in beautiful, and natural landscapes.

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