The Eco Pole House in Australia Has the Perfect Surroundings

It's nice to see a home that's simple yet quite dramatic at the same time, and the Pole House is just that. A home that bridges the gap between home living and the natural world, the pole house sits proudly above the ocean with panoramic views of the incredible coastal landscape. The Pole Home was designed and built by F2 Architecture, in Fairhaven, Australia. Fairhaven is a small village off the Surf Coast Shire in Victoria, Australia and there are only 296 people that live there. It's a popular tourist destination for locals and travellers alike, and many people stay in homes like this one in the area. The Pole House is available for rent through Great Ocean Holidays and can be booked for two people. The land the home was built on is comprised of a steep hillside which is always a challenge to build on, but it offers the great views that make the home so spectacular. Instead of building the home right on the rock face, they built it on a 13-meter high pylon set in concrete on the ground. The only other thing they needed to do was build a bridge out to the house to connect the house to the hillside. This is the most photographed home on Great Ocean Road and maybe in all of Australia.

The home has also been recently renovated creating a luxuriously modern setting where anyone will find peace and relaxation. It's a home that not only offers the regular amenities of a vacation rental but it also offers an experience. It's perfect for a nice relaxing vacation for a couple of people, and they have a strict no partying policy to keep things peaceful and quiet. It's also not the best accommodation for kids and best suits adults. The Pole House was built by Frank Dixon back in the 1970s, and it almost immediately became a landmark. It was a great attraction almost right away. It even became a competition for kids travelling down the road to see who could spot it from the car first. Years later, just recently, Franco Fiorentini from F2 Architecture redesigned the home and gave it a modern facelift. There are so many great features within the home that make it such a special experience for whoever stays. Not only are the surroundings incredible, inside the home, but there is also lots to discover too. For example, the water taps have colour changing lights inside of them so when the water is cold the light colours it blue, as it gets warmer it turns purple, and when it's hot, it's red. There are also remote controlled blinds that give privacy and shut out light as needed and rise when you want to let the sun and the views in. Not to mention the amazing suspended fireplace that hangs from its own chimney.

The colour scheme in the home is neutral which goes beautifully with the views outside the window of the bright blue ocean. A TV also sits in the living room next to the suspended fireplace but isn't too large which helps to keep the outside views the central focus of the home. There is a dining table and a small kitchen that includes a built-in cooktop, a microwave, fridge and sink as well as all of the dishes and cutlery needed to make meals at the home. The bedroom looks really comfortable with a Queen-sized bed and again, incredible views. This would be an inspiring place to stay when in Australia or if you happen to live in Australia. It's definitely a vacation you'd never forget.

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