Alpine Log Cabin With Beautiful Interior And Stunning Views

This beautiful Alpine log cabin building retreat is located in Wakatipu Basin, New Zealand. The log house comes from Natural Log Homes who love what they do. They are professional artisans of wood, and they have grown into the biggest log home company in the southern hemisphere. Log houses are known for being warm, strong, unique and timeless, having hundreds of years of history throughout Canada and northern Europe. Log houses are very much suited to New Zealand’s Climate and rugged beauty. Their log houses are unsurpassed in quality, comfort and style; they can be modern and spacious or small and cozy. You can choose lodges or family log homes.

All of the custom log houses from Natural Log Homes are built from natural logs, which are fully scribe-fitted to fit each other. All the log house shells are handmade, and the notches and the grooves are scribed and cut by craftsmen, not by machines. True to their name Natural Log Homes are 100 percent natural and made by hand. The log house designs vary in size and complexity, and they always uphold the highest standards of quality and artistic craftsmanship that log house homeowners have come to expect from them. They ship their log house shell kit sets throughout New Zealand, Oceania, Europe, Japan and the United States.

A log house is already more energy efficient than standard home designs, because of the thermal mass of the logs which keeps in the warmth in the winter and keeps the log house cool in the warmer summer months. There are other things you can do to make your log house more energy efficient than it already is. These days you hear more and more about energy efficiency, and it continues to be a trend in the future. And that is good news because energy efficiency helps the environment in that it conserves precious resources and reduces pollution, while also saving you money. And with the growing concern over climate change and energy, there are sure to be more and more options to incorporate into your wood cabin or home. When it comes to the planning of your log house design, you will want to do your research and find out all of the available options and choices that you have to make your cabin building as energy efficient as possible. The following are just some of the ways to get the most out of your log house or cabin building design.

Water systems. Hot water accounts for about 13 percent of most home's annual utility bill. Usually, hot water is provided by an insulated water tank that is fitted with a gas burner or electric heating elements. If going the traditional route, you want to choose the highest efficiency units that are available. Other options are also available. If you live in an area with even a reasonable amount of sunshine, you might consider a solar hot water collector. This roof- or yard-mounted water system circulates the water or fluid through a panel where it’s warmed by the sun. The warmed fluid then passes into an insulated storage tank where it can then be drawn for use in radiant flooring or to heat for drinking water.

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