Enjoy Yosemite National Park A-Frame Cottage Style

Spend your vacation in a classic A-Frame style cabin in Yosemite, California. This is such a cute cabin to stay in with two separate loft areas and 2 queen beds and a twin size futon. So it could be perfect for a couple, a group of friends or a small family to enjoy some relaxing away time in. Plus, the cottage also has a kitchen with a stove and oven in it so you can make your own food without having to cook over an open fire. The cabins are also pet-friendly for $25 per night, so you don't have to leave your furry family members at home alone while you're on vacation, they can come and enjoy the fun with you — no outhouses for this cottage either since there is a large bathroom with a modern composting toilet. There's even internet via satellite here too so you can stay connected and post your Instagram posts and stories during your stay. From the exterior, this looks like the quintessential A-frame cabin in the woods surrounded by trees and greenery. The red roof adds a touch of charm and colour to the home and the deck out front is the perfect place to sit and take it all in. Inside, the cabin is super cozy with comfortable seating and pops of bright color here and there.

The living space is open with high ceilings, and the spiral staircase leads up to the loft area where there is space for sleeping comfortably. There are a dining table and chairs to accommodate up to four people and a desk for working at. The kitchen is spacious with all of the dishes and utensils you need to make and eat delicious meals during your stay. And the bathroom would be a beautiful place to take a shower in the large open tiled shower area with views looking out into the forest. What a beautiful place to stay. This style of cabin building is called an A-Frame cabin, and they are most popular being used as recreational cabins, but some people even build their homes A-Frame style too. The A-Frame wood cabins are a classic small house design with so much appeal. A-Frame cabins were first built in the 1960s when designers were able to experiment more with the overall shape and style of cottages that people would buy for recreational use. Since then, the design has been used for many small house designs as well as larger house designs, and you can probably find at least one A-Frame house within your own city or district. A-Frame cabins can be so much fun to stay in on vacation too as it provides something a little different from the ordinary home, and they will give you that true cabin in the woods experience.

There are A-Frame cabins for rent on Airbnb all over the world too if you particularly like this style of cottage. They would be a great alternative to staying in a hotel. You may even gain interest in building an A-frame cabin for yourself after staying in an A-frame cabin on vacation. This style of home can also make a great full-time home for those who like something a little different and who want an interesting shape for their home. While space can be limited due to the angled walls, it can also be a fun challenge to see how you can design and decorate your A-frame cottage or home to give it the most appeal and work with its full potential. Have a look at this great cabin rental and see if you'd enjoy staying there on vacation or use it as inspiration for your own cabin build.

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