Cozy Log Cabin In The Mountains of Bella Coola

Get away to a cabin that has all the comforts of a home away from home. Except for one thing, this log cabin is completely off-grid, making it even more of an adventure and a chance to unplug from it all. Enjoy the 360-degree views from the cabin and access to fresh water from Saloompt Peak. The log cabin is located in the pristine West Coast mountains on Salloompt Road in Central Coast C of British Columbia, Canada. The beauty of the mountains and the fresh air will relax you and make you feel at peace once again during your visit. The log cabin is great for two to four people, so it would be great for a small family or a few friends.

You can also bring your pets if you like as well, which is always nice. The loft in the log cabin can sleep two people, and there are cots and a small pull out sofa. Located on 75 acres or more of forest, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. It's available year round for 2 days minimum stay in the regular season and costs $175 per night from May to September and then $155 in April and October. You can also visit in the Winter, but it's unpredictable due to the weather and snowfall. If you do get a chance to rent the cabin out in the winter, you'll have access to winter activities galore. Besides the log cabin, they also have forest yurts available for $75 to $145 per night.

It's really a cute log cabin, with a mixture of wood and drywall as well as some great windows installed throughout. ​The loft has a queen-size bed with extra foam mattresses, and there is also a couch to sleep on. Included in the log cabin is a coffee maker, fresh water from the mountain stream, a dining area, chairs and a living room with excellent views and a fireplace to enjoy for warmth and ambience. There are also two balconies as well, which provide amazing views of the forest around the property.

There is also a kitchen with a gas stove, a sink and lots of dishes and utensils. In the cabin, you'd also have a washroom with shower. A barbeque is also available on the deck for some grilling. If you're not relaxing at the cabin, a walk would be a great idea. There are also great spots like the Giant Rocks and Gnome's Glen which are some of the last original old growth forests in the Bella Coola Valley of BC. You can also hike just 15 minutes away to the Bella Coola River for fishing. The gardens on the property are gorgeous and also include a labyrinth and lawns to relax on.

Besides the beautiful log cabin, there is also a healing space where you can have even more relaxation and rejuvenation. They offer many holistic healing services including reflexology with foot massage, Spa Wraps, Swedish Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Integrated SER (Somato-Emotional Release) and Emotion Code, Private Sunbathing (Phototherapy), Forest Rejuvenation earthing (barefoot/mocassin walking), Stone labyrinth, Sounds of Silence, Nature Connection with bird and animal watching, treetop gazing, vista trail hiking, mountain climbing, Meditation and more.

Sounds like a wonderful place to visit doesn't it? Plus you get to stay in a lovely log cabin with incredible views. You can drive there, or fly into Vancouver and then rent a car to drive out to the property which would be a beautiful journey all on its own. Would you like the chance to stay in a lovely log cabin like this one?

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