A Cost Effective Log Cabin in the Smoky Mountains

This cabin building is a charming, cozy one-bedroom log cabin that is bordered by the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The log cabin building has 916 square feet of space, with a back deck complete with hot tub and the perfect spot to immerse yourself in the nature views. The log cabin is close to wildlife and nature and is a great place to relax, destress, and spend some quality time with family and friends. This is just one of many log cabins that you can spend time in, or maybe you might consider building a log cabin of your own, a place where you can enjoy nature in a cozy cabin with all the comforts of home. In this cabin building, there are plenty of country details, such as the stone wood-burning fireplace, hardwood floors, and a cathedral ceiling. The log cabin has a downstairs bedroom with a whirlpool tub in the adjoining bathroom. Upstairs you will find a game room with a pool table and a twin-sized log bed for a little extra sleeping space. The loft has another bedroom.

A log cabin can be an affordable way to get a vacation home that you need. And as affordable as a cabin building can be, you can make it, even more, cost-effective with a little bit of log cabin pre-planning. There are things to do that will help you to make your log house design keep within your budget. To start you want to keep your cabin building plan simple with a small footprint. A wood cabin with a small, square footprint helps to keep your cabin building and log house construction costs down. And you want to stick to the log house stock floor plan, as customizing a cabin building with extra corners and bump-outs in the cabin floor plan can add in extra costs in quickly.

Another tip for keeping your log cabin within budget is to keep your finishes consistent. You might try to skimp on window quality to spend a bit more on a custom fireplace, which can result in savings on heating bills down the road, and if you need to stay within budget, use fewer windows but don’t compromise on the quality. When it comes to building a log cabin you want to have a thorough log house plan so you don't have to go back and spend more time and money on the part of the cabin building that you had not considered, such as kitchen amenities or utilities. It is important to understand that even a low-cost cabin building will need proper log house maintenance and you want to also stick to the recommended guidelines for protective log cabin overhangs and clutter-free landscaping. You'll want to use cost-effective log cabin foundation solutions.

Although a crawl space or slab foundation is the simplest foundation for a cabin building, you do have other options, especially if your wood cabin is 150 square feet or smaller. You may want to consider using cinder blocks, super spikes, patio stones, or concrete piers with small outdoor log house structures. You want to stick to the cabin building package and purchase everything else locally if possible. Not only will your new wood cabin building meet your budget, but the log house will meet your local specifications as well.

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