A Secret Garden Tiny House in Slovenia

The Secret Garden is a tiny house located in Tolin, Slovenia, this cozy house can accommodate up to 2 guests with one bed and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire small cottage plan to yourself. This unique tiny house design is a shipping container turned into a complete artisan-built tiny house with all the furniture hand-crafted from locally sourced wood and natural resources. The tiny house has all the features you'd expect in a vacation home to include a bathroom with shower, a bed for two, a kitchen with a sink and fridge, and an induction hob, and a comfy sofa. The cozy tiny house has a nicely designed layout to maximize the tiny space without sacrificing any of the comfort and convenience. The cozy vacation retreat has a large terrace and an even larger garden to enjoy your private tiny paradise.

The tiny house was designed and crafted by a local carpenter/builder/artist using primarily locally sourced building products. Inside the shipping container house, you will find warm, nature-inspired decor that has you feeling like you are part of the surrounding forest while still ensuring the comforts of home. The tiny house has a large terrace with a dining table and chairs that overlook the private fenced garden offering a secret paradise within the stunning natural setting of the Soca Valley. The shipping container house is just a half-hour hike to a 30-meter waterfall that starts outside the garden gate, and a refreshing natural pool that is fed by a local stream and mini-waterfall just steps away. This idyllic vacation retreat is truly unique and perfect for anyone who is seeking something more than ordinary. The entire tiny house space is yours to enjoy during your vacation stay, with the large terrace, and the large fenced-in garden too. There are several concerts and festivals in the nearby town of Tolmin throughout the summer months.

The shipping container house is located at a village's edge, which allows for almost complete isolation and privacy, but without the stressful drive into the wilderness. Just a five-minute drive away (20 to 25-minute walk) there are cafes, grocery stores, restaurants, and pharmacies, and restaurants in the town of Tolmin. The tiny house features a natural soundtrack of a running stream 24 hours a day and includes the refreshing natural pool with a waterfall visible from the kitchen window. During your vacation stay you can enjoy several walks right from your front door, including a hike to a 30-meter waterfall just 30 minutes upstream from the stream that is next to the property, and about 15 minutes downstream you will reach the gorgeous turquoise Soca River.

There are several other gorge hiking trails and waterfalls that are within a 10-minute drive, and a family-owned adrenaline sports company that is just on the other side of Tolmin for any of your kayaking/rafting/paragliding needs. The tiny house is 2 kilometers from the bus station in Tolmin, but it is recommended that you take a car for maximizing your time in the area.

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