Tiny Houseboat Carrot is 200 Square Feet of Nautical Living

You will be sure to be inspired by this tiny houseboat located on Lake Union, Seattle, Washington. The cozy abode sits on the water and is named the Carrot. The houseboat is docked off Westlake Avenue North and was recently for sale. The aesthetic is more boat than a tiny house, with a tugboat-style tiny house design outside and inside wood-paneled quarters, with 209 square feet of space. The boat was built in 1984, constructed with vintage details, with functional pieces that also double as decor, such as the metal-and-wood steering wheel. There is a bench that is next to the throttle which also acts as a second bed for guests, or for someone who doesn't want to leave the helm. In the back of the cozy houseboat, there is a built-in sleeping nook that has a little more privacy and some built-in storage. The houseboat also has a tiny kitchen with a mini-fridge and range, plus lots of shelving.

The houseboat has a wall of windows along the curved, bow-side wall that let in plenty of natural light. If you are wanting to get more sun, you can hang out on the rooftop deck. The outdoor deck has enough room for a few chairs and a good vantage point to Lake Union. The boat has an actual, functional steering wheel that doubles as nautical decor. The houseboat tiny house has a living room with plenty of space to relax, with a long, built-in sofa curving along the inside of the bow. The kitchen in this houseboat is small but equipped with a mini-fridge, small range, and open storage.

There is a built-in sleeping nook that includes storage to help maximize the square footage. This is a lovely way to spend time on the water which is just a few steps from the foot of the bed. In the back of the houseboat, there’s a kind of split-level effect with a full-height entrance that descends into the houseboat cabin, and a short ladder that leads up to the roof deck. Although there is not a lot of space, this houseboat tiny house is perfect for someone who wants to reduce their eco-footprint and live without a lot of stuff. Imagine yourself waking up to views of the water and a life that is more on your terms with a houseboat that is bought and paid for. Even though there are only 209 square feet of space, this cozy houseboat retreat has everything you need for a comfortable stay, and it's stylish too, with plenty of space to relax and hang out with friends if you choose.

This cozy houseboat couldn't be parked in a better location with views of the water and a relaxed lifestyle to boot. The houseboat is nicely done with plenty of wood, lots of storage, built-in-furniture and plenty of windows to let in natural light. This houseboat would make the perfect vacation retreat, a place where you can unplug, or get your creative thoughts together and be inspired by the view.

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