A Stunning and Well Lit Private Tiny House in Japan

Enjoy small house living in this stunning tiny house located in the Kawazu, Kamo District, Shizuoka, Japan. The tiny house vacation rental can accommodate up to 6 guests with 2 bedrooms, 6 beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire tiny house to yourself. The tiny house facility is named the Tiny Base-The Rock. The tiny house design is modern, private, well lit, and spacious. The whole tiny house space is available for your group to stay. The tiny house is located just a 3-minute drive to the Sakura Festival,10 minutes to Shirahama Beach and just a 3-minute walk to the coast.

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During your vacation stay, you can enjoy having a barbecue with a barbecue grill on the big balcony, even during the colder winter season. This is because the tiny house balcony has a curtain to help protect it against the cold and snow. You'll also be able to enjoy Netflix, and Amazon Prime movies, by the projector. Also available in the tiny house for connecting your device by HDMI. This tiny house design is wonderful as inspiration for anyone who is looking to build their own tiny house or those who are looking for a unique place to stay.

Inside the tiny house design, there are three single size beds in the loft and two single beds in the living room. The tiny house vacation rental can accommodate up to 5 people in a comfortable style. In the case of a group of more than 6 people, It is possible to use another house that looks like a mountain hut with a double bed. Some of the tiny house amenities include the living room with two sofa beds, two lofts, free wifi, dining table, kitchen and a bathroom with a toilet and shower. The tiny house vacation rental has an induction heater, fridge, cooktop, microwave, coffee maker, plates, and cookware. The bathroom has natural soaps and shampoos, a hairdryer, toothbrush, hairbrush, shaver, skin lotion, and makeup remover. The tiny house also has free parking.

The tiny house is only 3 minutes away from the Kawazu station by car.If you come to Kawazu by train, it is recommended that you get to the tiny house by bus or taxi. The buses in the area leave every 60 minutes on average. It is not recommended that you come to the tiny house by walking as It takes about 30 minutes with a sloping road. There is no supermarket or convenience store near the tiny house. These are closer to the station. So it is recommended that you buy groceries in advance. It is only a 1-minute walk to the zoo and a 3-minute walk to the coast.

By car, it is only 3 minutes to the supermarket and convenience store. It is a 10-minute drive to Shirahama beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan and a 20-minute drive to Seven Falls. This tiny house vacation rental is located behind public facility parking. The parking is used only peak season. The tiny house vacation rental is built in front of the forest, so there is a possibility that you may see some insects. If this is a problem for you, it is recommended that you find another vacation rental.

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