This Tiny Home Studio With Hot Tub is an Amazing Retreat In California

The Redwood Room tiny home studio has ambient landscape lighting and Edison party lights on the outdoor deck complete with a two-person hot tub, a Napa wine barrel pub table, and custom handcrafted furniture for your vacation enjoyment. This cozy tiny house is located in San Rafael, California and can accommodate up to 2 guests with 1 bed and 1 bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire cabin building to yourself.

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This micro tiny house studio has air conditioning and heat is an amazing vacation retreat in the backyard of the owner's main house. The tiny house studio is situated on an exotic hardwood outdoor deck with a two-person hot tub, underneath a 700-year old redwood tree. Outside, you can take a hot shower under the stars alongside a curtain of bamboo in a beautifully landscaped garden. The tiny house has a cold water sink, a mini-fridge, Roku with Netflix and Hulu, and wifi too. The tiny cabin building is located just 15 minutes from San Francisco, and 45 minutes from Sonoma and the Napa wine country.

The cozy retreat is lovingly referred to as the Redwood Room, unique vacation experience for guests who are looking for something a bit different. The tiny house studio is a small cozy space that is well insulated and features solid bamboo flooring. The tiny house is cozy and comfortable, with a quality twin-sized futon for the bed. The tiny house has a fancy memory foam mattress pad, a down comforter and nice pillows that combine to make give you the best sleep in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The toilet is in the corner of the tiny room, separated by a curtain. The sink brings in cold water to the tiny house only, so it's perfect for brushing your teeth and washing your hands while providing drinking water. There are a remote-controlled air conditioner and a heating unit that keeps the temperature perfect, although open windows in Northern California are usually just right.

During your vacation stay, you can watch shows using the Roku, that is equipped with Netflix and Hulu. There is also an Amazon Echo Dot to use Alexa to play music, turn on the outdoor lights or get restaurant recommendations. The tiny house has a mini-fridge to keep beverages and light snacks cold. The tiny house studio is not equipped for cooking or heating any food. There is a coffee maker along with fresh ground coffee, coconut creamer, and agave sweetener.

The tiny house studio opens to an exotic outdoor hardwood deck, where you can soak in the two-person hot tub while enjoying a glass of local wine or craft beer (a corkscrew and unbreakable Govino are glasses supplied) at the base of a 700-year-old redwood tree. Across the garden, you can take an outdoor hot shower for bathing underneath the stars. This tiny house vacation rental is an experience unlike any other. There is also an on-demand propane heater that provides consistent hot water to a handcrafted exposed copper pipe shower, with a hot and a cold water valve.

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