A Rustic 320-Square-Foot 1972 California Cabin Is Exactly as Cute As It Sounds

There is so much to love about Heidi's Gold Nugget cabin retreat, a renovated 1972 cabin, tucked in the valleys of the historic mining town of Dutch Flat. You'll step back in time with the distant sound of the railroad while submerging yourself in nature and tranquility. The cabin building interior is furnished with vintage items from Budapest and handmade recycled furniture. During your vacation stay, you'll wake up in the loft to views trees and the sounds of the forest. You can unwind with a book on a hammock, throw some food on the grill, stargaze or cozy up in front of the woodstove.

The studio wood cabin is 320 square feet that sit on a dead-end street with an outdoor space for BBQs and lounging around. The small kitchen has all the cooking utensils, an induction cooktop, a small toaster oven, a hot water maker, and a french press. The living room has a built-in sofa to hang out on and gaze out into nature. If you are into films, there is a collection of movies and a Mac screen to watch it on. The loft is small, cozy, and warm with windows looking out at trees. Also, there is a dining area if you choose to work on or have your meals at. The outdoor seating space is a special place too to wake up or watch the sunset in the evenings. There are cedar chairs around an outdoor pit (only when fires are allowed), an iron table with two chairs to sit at, and a hammock to lounge on. This wood cabin is a perfect retreat for guests who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and recharge without having to venture out too far.

You will find unique trails, old mines, rivers, and lakes close by. Dutch Flat is a fun town to explore from the historic Dutch Flat Hotel to the old cemetery. There is also a public pool in town under the pines for residents to soak in (guests have access). There is no wifi at the cabin building however there is a cell phone connection you can hotspot to. There is a wifi signal at the cabin however limited to high speed as the owners are waiting on installation.

Heidi's Cabin was built in 1972 in the valleys of an old mining town call Dutch Flat in California. Su and her partner saw the potential diamond in the rough when they purchased the wood cabin in July 2020. It was the perfect pandemic project keeping them both busy while being isolated from crowded cities. They spent almost every weekend for 14 months fixing the old cabin themselves and with the help of several skilled contractors. The concept was to blend the wood cabin's history into the design of the space, to recreate what it may have been like to live here during the gold era. Recycled building materials and second-hand items were sourced to decorate this 320 square foot cabin. You will also discover a few pieces of furniture and wall decor that were shipped from Su's previous apartment in Budapest, Hungary.

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